Connecting with the cards successfully...Can you?


Something that makes me think,quite frequently, is the connection with the cards...Am I doing it right?...Am I concentrating enough?
So, this is my question : How do you connect with your cards???
Do you just concentrate?...Do you perform any kind of ritual before a reading?...Do you use crystals, or things like that?...
And the querent?...Does it interfere ,too much, if the querent is not concentrated enough before and during a reading?
Well, it seems I?ve been asking too many questions, doesn?t it?...But, it?s all about connection...

I usually connect with my cards using the same kind of concentration when I?m applying Reiki on someone...sometimes I try something just a little bit different...

And you?...What?s your technique???


i do distant readings most, and what I do is read what they have written to me over and over until I get that *feeling* in my hands, then I lay the card and read them - period.

For my self I close my eyes and sort of meditate while shuffling and then just lay the cards when I feel ready.

For close readings, when I have a querent next to me (this I have not tried all that much) I watch them in the eyes and shuffle, and then lay the cards when the question is statet. Sometimes I let them draw the cards them selves - but I find them easier to read when I have done it all.

that?s it for me, no particular rituals, just loads of shuffling and grounding.


In the early days, I tried all the "rituals" as described in a variety of books to ensure you connected with the cards. None felt right to me. Some say you must only use white cloth, black cloth, silk cloth, hemp cloth, light a candle, annointe yourself with purified seems everyone has a ritual, in one form or another.

The only thing I really think makes a difference is concentrating. I usually advise my querents to focus on their question, to take their time formulating their question to make sure they ask what it is they really want guidence on. (obviously this doesn't work if you do timed or scheduled readings, but since I do them informally for friends and colleagues, it's not such an issue for me). I ask them to try to block out all the activities of the day and focus. I tell them that they may find that they are trying to focus on relationship and thoughts of work keep getting in the way - and if they can't "quell" it, then allow that to come forward. I rarely ask them what their question was. I usually don't have to.

This is my ritual, such as it is.

I make sure it's quiet. Sometimes I feel like having music in the background and sometimes I want silence. Loud running refridgerators/dishwashers drive me crazy (HEY! I just thought of something!!!! I'll post it elsewhere)

I do have a cloth I use. It was a gift to me and I love the colors, so I use it. It happens to be blue, green and purple silk, but I use it because it has meaning to me, not for any symbolic reason.

If I am reading for myself, I hold the cards and just...well, connect. I use the time to try to clear my mind. When I am ready, I shuffle the cards, concentrating on my question, until they "feel done". I find I know when this is.

I split the shuffled deck into three piles (or have the querent do this). Then I quickly rub my hands together and hover my right hand over the piles. The one that generates the most energy is the one I choose. I used to read straight off the top of the shuffled deck, but for some reason, I tried this one day & it works for me.

I personally find I give/have better readings after the sun has gone down. I make sure the lights are low, or I use candles. The quietness is the most important to me, though.


I do no rituals, no focusing, nothing... I've found that the best thing to do is just start talking. The rest seems to come naturally!


I light an incense stick and sometimes turn on a little soothing music. Enya is a favorite, as well as the chanting monks from Santo Domingo de Silos.

I never read when I'm tired. When the energy reserves are low, I tend to give negative readings. So, I stopped that pretty quick.



I generally shy away from answering posts because I'm so new to Tarot - however this is a subject I have given much thought to.
I thought I would feel an immediate "bond" with my cards (boy, was I wrong). I have slept with them under my pillow, held them to my third eye, and shuffled those puppies til my hands were numb. All the while waiting to "feel" something - like a lightning bolt telling me I had CONNECTED. What I have now discovered is (for me at least) it comes in a much more subtle way, like picking them up one day and knowing...just knowing...that this is what you are meant to do. It may take me awhile to feel I have "arrived" to the status of Tarot reader, but I know in my heart this is my path. So however and whenever I make the just fine with me.

Told you I'm a newbie. Thanks for listening.
Love and Light,


I feel incredably connected to my Cosmic Tribe deck that I have been using for the past three years or so. The thing that makes me feel so comfortable with them is the fact that I have studied them so much... I read the book a few times (which is actually fairly good) and meditated on each card and spent a lot of time sorting out in my mind what the cards mean to me and there relationships to each other. I have done many readings with them which I always feel to be true.

Shuffling the cards before a reading, concentrating only on the shuffling always calms and settles me. In fact, lately, after a stressful day, all it takes is shuffling those cards and it makes me feel relaxed.

Finding a deck whose imagery you love and can relate to helps.

:cool: K


I feel connected in the sense that my cards are like my third eye, as Michelle said too.
Sometimes, when I'm really calm and relaxed, it's like my forehead strives to stick on the deck... sounds stupid! But it does happen at times.
And I've experiencing better reading after twilight too.
I seem to be all mind at night, all senses and intuition: no worries, no problems. It's just me and the esoteric :-D .
And kayne is right: a good connecting practice is practice! ;D
Shuffle, lay the cards, charge them at sunshine or moonshine or whatever... make so that energies can flow from you to the deck and viceversa. As if the cards had the 3rd and 4th chakra too!


I follow something I read somewhere and it's become important for me. I start with the deck sorted into order as if they were a new pack - it says to me it's a "clean start" and removes the energies from the previous reading (if I'm doing a few at a time it also gives me a few minutes to collect my thoughts, have a drink etc). I get the querent shuffling and ask them to think of their question/problem etc. To get their energies on to all the cards, I have them deal the whole deck out as if there were three people, then stack the deck back up and spread it out like a piano keyboard in front of them. I tell them what each card they're choosing is for, which helps to focus their minds. Everybody seems to get the right cards for them, so it works for me. When I've finished, getting the deck back in order can be a useful closing ritual,too.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was having problems with giving out too much energy if I did more than a couple of readings at once and the "grounding" suggestions I got from the others were very helpful. In the event, I invested in a lovely amber bracelet - in the sales, I hasten to add! (amber being a "grounding" stone) and it seems to be doing the trick!

Original Destiny

My cards are like an old friend,I'm always pleased to work with them . Being happy and confident with them, knowing that they won't let me down. The only time that they appear to be closed is when I have a difficult client. I once had a young Woman come for a reading ;the cards where very confusing I couldn't connect to them . It turned out that she was pregnant and had a few days to decide weither to terminate the pregnancy . She wanted the cards to tell her what to do!!!