Connecting with the cards


I've been drawing daily cards for almost a week now. I find that some of the cards stir an immediate emotional reaction (positive or negative), and some of them make me at least pause and think. But other times, I look at the fey pictured in the card and it feels like I'm separated from them by a thick sheet of glass. I not only feel ambivalent about them, but I can't even begin any inner discussion about what the card might mean for the day I'm about to face. It's not just a matter of looking them up, but it's a marked emotional disconnect.

Did any of you encounter this when you started reading? Or am I somehow off?



Honestly I haven't even looked at my Fey deck in over a month until last night. I'd been out of town, etc, etc. I'd only had my Gilded Deck and even a couple of few weeks of hardly using it even.
Well...last night I got the Fey deck out...and reordered them. I just looked... I all of the sudden could see a lot more than before. I tended to connect pretty well with it before though. I don't use the standard RWS meanings. Some cards you sure can...easy to see the influence. But on some cards, like the 5 of Swords for example I see nothing in common really with the RWS deck. So I have my own meaning. I have skimmed through the book...and am getting ready to really begin to work with it.
I guess in some ways I'll be doing a comparative study...I'm in a study group for the Gilded, Gothic Tarot of Vampires (another deck that is totally different) and now the Fey. I find the fey much more user-friendly than Gothic Vampire. That is the one that gives me issues.
My suggestion is to read through the book, look through the cards, put them up for a while...then come back. And I'm also learning that some decks/cards can't be related to other deck's cards.


The Fey like to play

Sometimes it takes a while to let them connect. I agree with the other them a rest might help you reconnect. I find just trying to look through them slowly and playfully without worrying about reading or finding meanings.....just looking........has helped me tremendously. They have been wonderful. Each time I look now I see more. Peace and blessings........Michael


I've just started to get to know the Fey, but I know from past experience with other decks that once I start getting to know the cards, a time apart from the cards is very important. I sort of look through them for several days, and then put them aside for a while, usually until the next full moon. Not sure why; that's just how I do things. During that time, if a book came with the cards, I read through it a couple of times. Not studying it, but just sort of seeing what sticks and what doesn't.

Then, after a bit of time, I come back to the cards, and somehow they mean more to me than they did before, which is odd since I haven't been using them.

Right now with the Fey, I'm still in the honeymoon period. I can't immagine wanting to put them down for a while, but I know I'll have to eventually.

So I'd say you're not somehow off at all. Put the cards away for a while - but not too long - and just sort of let the images play in your mind throughout the coming days. That's the best advice I can offer; it works for me anyway.