Conquering The Court - Page Wands

The crowned one

Sinduction said:
Ok back peddle to where?

The immaturity of the fire aspect? The messenger but not do'er?

Yes there abouts. We need to expand on this and come to a concesnces...for a foundation to work from. In a short amount of time we will intuitively all go in our own directions. but so far we have a few opinions, and most of what everyone has posted looks good. We need to expand..then stream line.


Ok then let's start here: Pages are associated with Earth and this page is Fire. So this page is the youthful and immature characteristics of fire. Pages are also the contemplation of the courts.

It may help to see how the earth interacts with the fire aspects.

Earth is passive and unmoving so we can see the messenger but not the do'er.

The Fire is passion, ideas, ambition. So as a Page, these things are present but not fully developed?

What else?


The page is the beginning, the spark. Perhaps a NEW passion or ambition. He's pointing the way to that stick in the desert, but it's not going to do anything unless you plant it and let it grow.

So I'm thinking a change in energy that needs to be directed to go anywhere. I'm not sure I'm explaining that well.

The crowned one

Zazi said:
The page is the beginning, the spark. Perhaps a NEW passion or ambition. He's pointing the way to that stick in the desert, but it's not going to do anything unless you plant it and let it grow.

Messengers and potential in the abstract.. Pages generally speaking?

I know they represent teens traditionally.OK. But I often think , like Aces they represent potential energy's, but unlike aces, it is tentatively.WE have gone beyond potiential...but will they stay within their characteristics? How easy is this influence ignored or overcome?

Not looking for the Devils advocate position, just playing it for the sake of learning.


I have no idea what you just said. :D Please rephrase, using small words. You are too smart for me.

I see the pages as children. And my nephew fits this page to a T.


The page wands a daring person, full of courage and enthusiasm, extrovert, a creative person, an athlete, a restless child who just wants to be up and at them, a sexually very active person who keeps coming back for more, this person is so full of energy usually directing it toward new adventures.

Negatively, a seeker of attention, a showoff, an immature person, a person with a sexual problem, a bully, an undependable and muddle headed person but basically a person who has a nasty childish streak.


Curses! I typed an IMO fabulous response, and my browser ate it.

Sinduction, perhaps you would like to trump up (ha ha) a spurious Celtic Cross that contains all 4 pages. Then we would be able to discuss them one by one in the context of other cards.

This brings up the notion of how much a card's meaning is contained in and of itself, and how much of that meaning is related to the card's context. I am reminded of Schrödinger's cat (ödinger's_cat), where the observer has everything to do with the state of the object being observed.



Wow I'm glad someone started this thread as this week I decided to dedicate my attention to those pesky courts, I often do not get them at all! Person, situation, event, message???? I dunno! :(

Especially the pages, I for one do not have a whole lot of kids in my life, really just one, my niece. So I feel that when they have appeared they weren't representing children, for me anyway, so it must be something else, but what???

With the Page of Wands being Earth of Fire, I feel like his/her behaviour is tempered somewhat, by the Earth. Earth and Fire tend to neutralise each other a bit. For instance, I could be considered a Page of Wands, as I have a Leo sun, but a Virgo ascendant. The Earth of Virgo tempers or cools my Fire, Leo Sun and the more extravagant qualities of Leo. In myself I can see that! The whole show off and extrovert does not sit well with me, I am introverted and I dislike and am supremely uncomfortable with attention and am quite reserved really, a Virgo, earthy quality.

I don't use reversals so I cannot say on that score, but I see the Page of Wands as a person who is a bit of a free spirit and enjoys their freedom but at the same time is looking for a connection that is of the Earth, notice how the staff/wand is usually in the Earth?

Someone else mentioned the DruidCraft Princess of Wands, I think it was Caridwen, for me there is none better also. Her flowing red hair behind her, her admirable confidence in that the path she is treading is the right one, even if it is new. As advice she asks you to be confident and believe in yourself. Never a bad thing! As a messenger I think the news is good, or ultimately good and to your benefit. And one that won't take long, a week maybe.


Sinduction said:
Here's what I pulled. 5 Pentacles, Page of Wands, Temperance.

I would say you will receive a message saying that someone feels left out and would like to be "added in", included.


You all have great ideas. Maybe we will do that cross thing with all the pages after we've covered each one. That seems like a great idea.

I think that a better understanding of astrology would help us to understand these cards. Perhaps that's what I've been missing all these years?

But from what I've read, the pages don't get an assigned sign because they are not fully developed characteristics. Therefore they contain qualities of all the elemental signs. ie page of wands has qualities of aries, leo, sagittarius.