Constellation of the Hierophant


The Constellation of the Hierophant
The Principle of Teaching and Learning
Hierophant – Temperance – Fives

Keywords: Testing. Counseling. Training. Assimilating and Integrating. Healing. Guidance. Bridging. Translating, Interpreting and Channeling. Arbitrating.

The Hierophant teaches the masses that which is orthodox and dogmatic. His raised platform makes him one step closer to Heaven and he provides the guidance that will enable anyone to reach Heaven. His counseling is that of conformity with the masses and with popular belief. His teachings are those of the established Church or religion and represent conventional moral codes. He represents the civilization of man through religion. He also represents the teachings of any authority figure. Anyone who wants wisdom must go through the Hierophant to get it. He translates, channels and interprets the will of the Divine for man.

Temperance is about lessons learned. It’s about learning how to take two disparate things and combine them into something new. It’s about healing through the union of opposites. It’s about learning how to make the intellect and the passions work together. It’s about bridging the gap between consciousness and the subconscious. It’s about learning how to achieve harmony so that spiritual progress can be made. Temperance is about learning to cooperate and to reconcile through arbitration with those with whom you disagree. It’s about learning how to achieve balance and moderation in your life. It’s about learning how to manage resources.

As a challenge faced when learning through experience, the 5 Wands suggests that the prize that’s being fought for won’t be won by a single battle but through repeated battles. As a challenge, it suggests that the power that’s available can only be utilized if it’s harnessed. It teaches temperance in that peace is a better option than war.

As a challenge faced when learning through experience, the 5 Cups suggests that even when one is at their lowest point, that life goes on and that one has other responsibilities to attend to. The 5 Cups upsets stability by throwing something at one out of left field that causes one to wallow in self-pity. It teaches temperance through the reminder that despite what one has lost, one should be thankful for what remains.

As a challenge faced when learning through experience, the 5 Swords suggests that one must accept a humiliating defeat before one can make progress. It overthrows complacency through showing that strength will always lose to superior skills. It teaches temperance through showing that strength alone doesn’t always equal success.

As a challenge faced when learning through experience, the 5 Disks suggests that by focusing on what one doesn’t have, one may miss new opportunities. It creates challenges to be met creatively in that current financial troubles aren’t insurmountable, but they do need thought and care in order to resolve them. It teaches temperance in that one has the abilities with which to overcome hardships but one must also be ready to apply those abilities when opportunity presents itself.