Consulting different Oracles...


Has anyone ever tried comparing Divination techniques?...Like, when you ask a question from your tarot cards, then try the same question to a set of runes?...

I've tried a couple of times, and got different answers, and I assumed that it was due to getting different ways of looking at the situation....
however, since someone pointed out to me that different tools have different types of energy (thx raeanne...)...It occured to me that this might have something to do with it...Do different oracles give different advice simply because it is their nature to do so?...
And am I asking a different question to the one I started?...



I agree with New River in fact. And I am not sure what it would prove. The different oracles are like different voices, and as New River says, the very act of consulting one changes the situation.

New River

i tend to think that divination follows some of the same laws as quantum mechanics. just by asking the first time, the situation changes by what you have been told. so asking the same question again would have to contain the energy you have already received.

maybe to do the experiment, you should ask the question and draw the cards, runes, etc. but not look at them until they have all been drawn. then you would have no prior knowing before moving to the next.

is this making any sense? in my head it is but that means nothing sometimes. LOL

personally, i don't dis my first reading by checking up on it with a second.

it would make an interesting experiement tho.

love, light and hope, New River


i have never had two different oracles give two different answers and i use different ones often.

hmmmm. i like what new river suggested though. good point NR.

in light,


I've done this a couple of times and always found that the different oracles may give different answers but they complement each other. It's almost like they're expanding on each other's answers. It's worked pretty well for me.


I guess i just need to keep better track of my answers...relate them more to each other, rather than look at them as wholly new...


I've been finding that if I ask a question to the I Ching - I can then consult the tarot and usually both these methods compliment one another.
When I first got interested in the I Ching, I asked the tarot to comment on it and got a positive answer so I started to learn the I Ching too lol :)


Now that's funny... when I first got interested in the Tarot seriously, I asked the I Ching. Depends on what you know well enough to trust.


Tried again last night...runes, stones and tarot on the same question, and i managed to find linkage there...i guess i jsut wasn;t trying hard enough...its like looking for the sky without moving your head...just hidden behind your eyebrows...