Continuing visions


During the reading I did for myself, I remember seeing a card that I haven't seen again in the deck (this card gave me the thought of my girlfriend). My first intuition that i had was me being a fool and my girlfriend being evil. Then me doing more tarot readings and justice being done. But I haven't touched the deck and it seems like through my eyes bad things have been happening. Feeling as though my gilfriend is evil and life taking a drastic turn, I've gotten help and taking medication Paxil. It's helped build my self independence and thinking. I've still got alot to learn, but am slowly recovering from my incident. I've felt strong thoughts in my head for me to committe suicide after the reading, thinking that what i did was wrong, I've felt thoughts of my girlfriend telling me what to do and what not to do, feeling anxiety attacks when not following orders. I feel as though my girlfriend is on a different path as I, which I tend to adress in the next few days. these cards have played a great deal on my mind: hallucinating, bad thoughts, seeing the future by random associations of my environment. I still have a hard time seeing whats real and what isn't. It's messed with my intuition alot. if they're any thoughts or questions feel free to write to me at I also had a tramatizing experience with a psychic telling me if i told someone what it said it wouldn't be good.


I?m happy that you are feeling better,and I?m sure you will feel even better than today in time.
Best wishes,Genna.


Diff4rent: Greetings!
I am glad you sought help.
I strongly recommend that you not involve yourself with Tarot or any other form of divination until you are more stable & stronger; nor attempt to read for the self or anyone else. Difficulties with distinguishing reality will not & can not be helped with Tarot. If anything, it will likely cause more confusion than benefit.
It takes time to regain the equilibrium & to heal, & for any course of therapy to take effect appropriately. So please give yourself that time.
Take care, & blessings to you.