Copyright issues for digital images ?


I will soon (estimated January 2004) be submitting my 6 sample cards for the fractal deck here to Aeclectic and was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need to watermark the digital samples or if writing "Sample" across the middle of the cards will be enough to deter potential problems. I will also be mailing myself a CD of the images I intend to submit to help with date issues. Thanks in advance for any ideas/help/suggestions etc..



If you're very very concerned about someone else potentially using your images, the things you list are good ideas:

1- place a ghost-layer "SAMPLE" across your image,

2- invisibly watermark it (Photoshop users can find this in the manual), and

3- make any image you upload low enough resolution that it'll be essentially useless to anyone who may try to print from it. (typically, printing images from a digital source requires at least 600dpi. Most web images are 72dpi, making for a grainy, tiny printed image.)

4- also, upload RGB-mode images. Any decent printing would require CMYK images.

5- last and not least, place a line of text on the webpages such that the artwork is copyright to you: ©2004Mr.Myself

:) and remember - just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.


Thanks for the ideas & dpi probs

Thanks for the ideas. I am having dpi issues though. The fractal program I prefer is only putting them out at about 200 so :-( I then export the art to Paint shop Pro and add the borders. They may never be good enough to print as my fractal program just won't do it. I am not sure if I can adjust dpi in Paint Shop Pro or not. Does anyone here know? I don't have a Photoshop. What I can do is make new images in a larger size in the fractal program, save it there and then resize to smaller in psp. I am not happy with the way my fractals looked after morphing them that much though. ~sigh~

I will still be submitting what I've done here though and if they can't be printed, I could always create new cards altogether if any potential publishers show any interest or perhaps potential publishers would have other ideas about how to make them look right.

Your paranoid remark sure made me laugh!!! :laugh: