~ Copywrite-Free Stock Photography websites


I found this list at DeviantART.

It is a list of stock photography websites and includes a rating, so if you use stock photography to make your deck, you might find this useful.

Check it out here.


cool eh

Thanks Kayne!

I too found this site a few months ago and I'm a member as acidguru (my old name in this forum)

It's really good to get tips and info from other artists.
I need to log on as I havn't kept up with what's going on for some time.

so far I'm very happy with this site, but do you know of any other sites that might be helpful to us creatives??

I did find a few but the other sites are really slow and don't have much info.

I also found that some of the mac/PC forums give some good tips.

I think DeviantART just like this forum........You can be hooked })



so how do i deal with the copyright issues if ever i do decide to publish a deck using images from your link? :) just askin.


As far as I know, Blue_fusion, providing that you mention the source, like who took the photo or where it came from, you don't owe them anything else. You can use it however you please and because they have submitted there work for the purpose of being used by other artists you can just go for it. I think there is more info about this on some of those sites listed... :)

Hope this helps...


oh, ok. thanks. i'll just do some more research on the sites listed. :)