Cosmic Tarot, King of Swords


unlike the princess, the king is surrounded by tees and is closer to the mountains. we do not know what holds his sword up, it is to be assumed that his opaque sword is being held by him. The king looks upward and to the right (the guture perhaps) and wears the glyph of libra over his heart, this king has a stylish and appropriate goatee. his attire is light tanish brown and pale yellow and has a loose collar (proably so he can breathe). even as the king looks away from the reader, the eagle perched next to him is looking directly at you. decisive action and fari and balanced decisoin making. A true balance of female and male energies are present with the crown he wears. the trees behind are of two kinss indicating a moist environment.

When this card appears in a reading ther eis a need for calm and balanced judicial eithe rhas been achieved or is needed. beware of your own behaviour as wel as others, don't be so quick to judge. a simple card for such complicated concepts that are associated with libra.


The court cards in this deck all seem like real people, it is amazing. I feel like I know this man.

He works as a computer programmer or software engineer, something very mental and swords-y. He listens to rock music that is somewhat cerebral: groups like Dream Theater, Therion, Coheed and Cambria. He has a highly developed sense of aesthetics (Libra trait) and paints landscapes as a hobby. He is very intelligent and knows a lot about many different things (the falcon with him in the card) but he doesn't seem nerdy because he knows how to communicate well with people. He sometimes uses his communication skills to bring people closer and sometimes to keep them at a distance (this keeps him from feeling overhwelmed, a Libra trait). He is good at motivating people by making them feel inspired about the work they are doing and can manage people with tact and diplomacy (Libra trait).

These characteristics don't need to be taken literally, it just gives an idea of the personality that I find in this court card.

One thing, in the Golden Dawn system the court cards do not rule entire zodiac signs they each (except the Page/Princesses) rule sections of two signs. So the Queen of Swords in the Thoth deck rules 20 degrees Virgo to 20 degrees Libra. I'm not sure why this is but it is difficult to remember and I have to stop and try to remember which two signs it is. Norbert Losche seems to have simplified it a little, at least in terms of the visual clue. It seems much easier in readings to think of a court card as one zodiac sign.