Cosmic Tarot - Queen of Wands


The Queen of Wands gives us the impression of a strong sense of Self, feminine grace and magnetic charm. She shows a true balance of assertiveness along with vulnerability. Something she has worked at and mastered.

Her gold dress could reflect power, glory and wealth as well as spiritual awareness and a compassionate heart. Looking at her more closely it’s as if she and her wand are a part of the earth. Perhaps she is a born mediator, patient especially with those whose needs are great. She has healing abilities and an elegant sense of diplomacy, doing whatever she can to help others. She shares the gift of expansiveness and could be a world traveler. Being very observant, she blends in graciously wherever she may be. And these trips invigorate her because as she learns about others and their ways, she also discovers untapped aspects of herself. I wonder if she is a late bloomer but all in all it was worth the wait. Everything she touches is nourished.

She’s both a lover, mother and an intelligent and ambitious career woman. She is very expressive and doesn’t mix words….anyone she is with will know exactly how she feels about them. She leans forward, her steely eyes looking straight at you demanding you tell the truth! She has very strong principles and has no problems following through on her ideas, visions and concepts. She will not compromise her values and will fiercely defend her beliefs. She makes a good ally and a fierce opponent. She rules but does not undermine or diminish others.

The archer on top of the tower could reflect she is highly optimistic with an adventurous spirit and is willing to take risks. Her high standards most probably bring her a lot of satisfaction in life. She has an incredible amount of creative output and is eager to share what she has learned and experienced with others.

The bird could represent her highly developed intuition which allows her to anticipate changes even before they happen.

She’s a leader, a teacher, healer, artist, interested in law, politics, and anywhere where she can creatively express herself.

Reversed, she could use her charm and sexuality to manipulate what she wants. She may be controlling, argumentative, devious to others and lie.

She also runs on such a high energy she could suffer burnout and in the process loses her sense of humor and lightness. A vacation or a well needed rest will help bring back her perspective and balance.

tink :love: