Cosmic Tarot - Seven of Wands


A practical man, a businessman holds up a pink wand (passion, creativity) in the center (heart of the matter) of what looks to be a fenced in (personal territory) area. Six wands, three on either side of his body, are challenging him. He wears brown pants (unwavering, conservative, obstinate, stubborn) and a light yellow colored shirt (intellect). The sun above will be temporarily obscured, hidden by the moving clouds.

I’m not sure of his tactics here or his bravery but the more ground this man acquires, the more he will have to defend. He looks over his left shoulder…’s got to be hard to fight and look over your shoulder at the same time. And look at his feet….his stance looks very uncomfortable, unstable. The right foot is turned in and the left foot is trying to support him. The wands to the left (unfinished business) have his attention. This person’s personal turf has been invaded. It’s as if he wasn’t prepared for this onslaught….his defenses are weak. Maybe the boss or co-workers walked into his office unannounced. Immediately our guard goes up…their presence ‘initially’ makes us feel uneasy. Then our body shifts and moves…ready to defend our turf, our person!

Maybe in his report, his objectives weren’t clear enough……or those he opposed now are critical of his work or feel intimidated, threatened. They want him to elaborate his findings or change his opinions…some areas of his work needs improving, the adrenalin is running……he feels offended, defensive! His reputation is on the line. Has he enough backup to prove his findings? Or will he need to call and pull in all the wands, listen, learn, discern, expand and reconfigure.

This could be a time of a major change, an astonishing shift where we are being challenged by old expectations, strategies and habits. We find ourselves having to actively outreach and extend ourselves, and push to make those difficult contacts and decisions. This will create the momentum we need to propel and push us forward to the next level.

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i don't know if its his dress but he always reminds me of a bullfighter

actually enjoying the fight and determined to win - goading as well as being goaded

i also get pride with this card but justified - self pride in standing up for oneself because pride does not always come before a fall - i guess i mean it's more self respect

sorry thats about it for my pawltry effort


The man in this card looks like the man in the Two of Wands. Their hairstyles are different but their bearings and attitudes are similar. It is as if the man claimed his territory in the Two and now he is being called on to defend it from attack. Both cards also have the sun, half hidden by clouds, in the background.

In the Seven of Wands the man looks quite confident and dashing. He is not only going to fight off the opposition he will deliver witty comments while he does it. His wand is the only one that is red, color of Mars, god of war. The other wands look a bit tentative and confused in their attempt to reach him. It looks as though he will win if he keeps fighting.

The name of the card is Valour and the astrological attribution is Mars in Leo. Mars should feel at home in Leo, a fire sign. Like all the Sevens this takes place in the kabblistic sphere Netzach which has to do with illusions and fantasy which is not a place straightforward Mars is at his best. The battle is chaotic, teamwork and strategy have broken down so if you are wondering if help is on the way-- no it probably isn't. Expect arguments, ignorant challenges and lots of attitude. Because of the influence of Netzach there is a possibilty that the man will not stand his ground, but if attacks are met with perseverance and courage he is likely to prevail.


The man has a very neutral expression of his face. He doesn’t look scared that he may lose or arrogant that he will win. In a way he reminds me of 007 or Zorro. Very down to business. The rickety fence has me thinking he walked into a bad situation (or a bad area), met up with negative elements dwelling there, and now he has to fight his way out. The sun is up in the sky, like it’s high noon at the OK Corral.