Cosmic Tarot - The Star


The Star is the symbol of Aquarius, a fixed air sign suggesting great powers of concentration. It’s ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of geniuses and uncanny intuition. The Star is about self-esteem and a hopeful vision of humanity in rhythm and balance with the planet and the universe. It offers a sense of deep connection between the stars and the earth, the above and the below. Under the cool night sky you renew not only your own resources but the structures and balance of our vital planet.

In this picture we have a woman nude (vulnerable) and all in blue (trust, love, surrender, devotion), standing by a pond, pouring water (liquid light) from her left and right hand near a pink flamingo. The pink flamingo is to her left as too is a water lily.

Flamingo power
Ability to filter soul lessons from emotional waters
Understanding the language of color
Ability to maintain soul purpose in group living
Understanding how to maintain balance

The water lily has great significance here too. Not only does it represent enlightenment but the power of intention which creates and manifests on the earth plane. It rises from the mud in the pond upwards to towards the sun and the light of the cosmic plane. Is it blooming? A signal of events that are coming?

Each of us is meant to make a unique and essential contribution to the world around us, but it often gets lost in the everyday hassles of paying the rent, pleasing the boss, avoiding conflict and stress in our relationships and….just trying to survive.

A simple meaning for this card could be to take some time out of your usual coping strategies to remind yourself of your future goals. Redefining and restructuring your ability to express yourself clearly and deeply. . Liberating your playful side and channeling this creative energy into something productive.

Raising your frequencies and in doing so, helping others.
An escape from your pain.
Your perceptions have changed through past and current events.
Making use of your spiritual and psychological awareness to bring a difficult situation into balance.
The energy of hope optimism and love.
Divine Ecstasy
Releasing negative thought patterns so you can reach out and achieve the ideals of your own divinity. Just like the water lily rising out of the mud.

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The moon off to the right is a symbol of bodily influences, this seems to be a night ritual as compared to teh day ritual of Temperance. It is a very calm card, but as always the Star card is the most difficult for me to interpret.


The light from stars is pure, does not illuminate as brightly as the sun and is largely without color. She is nude, and carries on with her task without concern or modesty. She possesses childlike innocence, but is clearly not a child. The water lily is the birth flower of the month of July.


I do a one card reading message from various of my Tarot, Divination and Angel decks. If I find the card here, I am going to add what I channeled for it. In my case, I have never read the LWB nor any literature about the card. I do not know the symbolism of the card images, colors, etc... just what Spirit tells me. I believe will be a good addition to the card meanings since is 100% channeled without knowledge of the card meaning by others. I hope thread necro is allowed, since I humbly believe this a good addition.

The Star
Release and Enlightenment are two words Spirit whispered me when this card was revealed. I am sensing that the message for today is about both tapping into our Spirituality and releasing what does not belong to us. But today the energy is focusing on your most inner feelings. This is not about releasing those small things or making changes for a better material abundance… no. This is about accessing our core, our most inner Spirituality and release old feelings and traumas that are deep within our hearts.

It is important that we all set the clear intent for our most inner selves to release what does no longer serve us. This should be done on a background level; you should not obsess with this, but only set the intent for it to happen. I am sensing that some of these blocks are a bigger of a deal that you imagine and once they are released, you are going to experience a deeper connection with yourself and with
Spirit. Ask your Totem Animal, Spirit Guide, Loved One, whoever you feel like it to help you with this process. In addition, tonight when I send healing energy to people who have asked me to, I am going to set the intent to send energy to whoever read this in order to help with the process.