Could someone interpret this please?Thanks


Just before the tragic evil act that brought WTC in New York down and murdered many thousands of people I was given a set of ?Crowley? Tarot decks as a present by a friend of mine and to honor my friend I took his advise and slept with the cards for three straight nights (placed it under my pillow).

During all three nights I had scary nightmares and very strange and unusual dreams and on the fourth night and as my eyes were getting warmed up and I was going to sleep I suddenly heard a noise and whispering sounds from kitchen.

As soon as I opened my eyes I suddenly found myself in a place other than my current home. I was in an old house that I used to know as a child. I saw people were throwing stones at our house that had a glass window and were trying to harm us physically. My mother who was now much younger told us (my sister and I) that she was going out to calm down these crazy people so they might stop their violent acts.

I and my sister were watching my mother in street through the window to make sure no harm would come to her by stone throwing people and there I saw a very old woman and my father who passed away many years ago, were advising my mother about the situation and with them there were a lot of dogs and cats and other animals. After talking to them my mother asked us to open the door and as soon as we opened the glass door all those animals followed my mother inside while bending down, kissing the floor, wailing and repeating this word, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va?.

Just then the stone-throwing people scattered and their stones had no effect on the glass door and we felt very secure and protected afterwards. These animals brought a lot of bless and light to our house. There were flowers with shining light inside them growing all over the walls, mostly at the top, and I constantly could hear this word by the chanting animals, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va?.

I felt extremely happy and content and I was thinking that this is the paradise that my mother so much used to talk about. On the floor of our home there was a river of water with many fishes jumping up and down while repeating this word, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va?.

At this time I saw my sister was pregnant and my mother too and I was patting a black talking cat on my lap when suddenly the cat turned back and without any warning and after my sister complained that all these animals are not good for the health of her baby, bitted my patting hand between my thump and index finger so much that it turned red. At the same time the running water on the floor suddenly dried up and turned to dust and all the animals were buried under it.

Then all the good things melted away and the watery floor dried up and the light was turned down and the plants and vegetations on the wall perished. The Previous old woman who seemed to be the keeper of these animals, ran to our house while screaming and complaining that she warned us how to keep these animals happy. I felt truly miserable and was crying and fisting the dust on the ground which now was turned to a watery clay and I was begging for the heaven to come back.

Between the dust and clay in my fisted hands there were also some silver coins and at this moment in time we started to clean the dust from the floor and released the animals (dogs, cats, chickens?) from under the dusty floor. All those creatures started to come alive and while chanting, ?Yahova?, ?Ya-ho-va?, ?Ya-ho-va? left our house but before leaving they did thanks us for liberating them and they left us two chicken (dead and ready to be cooked) as a token. Just before leaving one of the animals told me that the cat bite my hand to remind me that what I saw was not a dream but a true vision and he asked me to look at my hand afterward.

At this time my vision was ended and I found myself shaking on the bed with a sharp pain in my hand and when I looked down to my hand I saw a reddish mark extending from the top of my index finger to the top of my thump.


that was an incredible vision. i like dream interp but i don't feel adequate to interpret such complex imagery. the chanting of "ya-ho-va" is prob jehovah another word for God. sorry but i'm not up on what religion uses that name for God. my next guess would be a warning not to assume wonderful things in life are ours forever b/c they can be taken away as easily as they are given. when you begged for heaven to return then God returned in your life and provided for you and your family again. its imagery reminds me so much of Biblical symbolism. clues are the stone throwing, the jumping fish, wailing/kissing the floor while chanting jehovah,water and the animals. some of these symbols make me think of jesus--the fisher of men and when he made enough fish, bread, and wine to serve the multitude. too bad we don't have joseph here to help us. the imagery also reminds me of the story of Job or even noah's ark.

you are under no obligation to answer this question so please forgive me for asking this--i don't intend to be invasive. i sense a cultural difference in you from the dream imagery. do you live outside america? if you live in america were you born elsewhere or were your parents immigrants? also could you be jewish or muslim? the dream just doesn't sound like anything the local fundamentalist baptists or protestants would dream. i doubt they would dream about chanting jehovah, animals or time for second chances in their dreams. i ask due to the strong Biblical imagery, particular Biblical style suggested, and importance of redemption thru cherishing one of God's most assumed creations--animals. it's okay if you think i'm crazy. just stand in line to tell me. ;) this is just what i think off the top of my head. i'll give more thought and please pardon any false assumptions. i'm just trying to get what i'm sensing to make sense to me!


You are very perceptive, yes you are right and I was born outside of USA.
I was born in a Moslem country (Persia/Iran) and after Moslem fundamentalists came to power I was forced to leave and eventually immigrated to USA on the basis of political persecution. I have a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from a reputable school in the US and basically a strong believer of science and analytical thinking and never have believed in topics such as Tarot, dreams or likes and I also do not believe in any religion of any form or shape.

Since that night I have not had a good sleep and no matter how much I try I just cannot forget this incredible experience. The fact is that scary nightmares have continued and now I am even afraid of going to sleep (have lost 10 pounds since that night). Since then I continually dream of ?steps? that have no end either upward or downward and I wake up while screaming in fear every single night; Even when I wake up and try to go to sleep again, the dream of ?no ending steps? just coming back, again and again. My old mother who lives with me and is very worried about my health asked me to share this with others so it might help me in some ways.

I think you have already helped me greatly by interpreting the meaning of ?Yahova? which I could not figure out it?s meaning. Could you please elaborate on this word?
I thank you for your help.


i'll do some research on jehovah also pronounced yaweeh. my best recollection is that some christian religions refer to God as Jehovah. i believe Judaism does, too. my gut reaction is that you are being confronted with a spiritual awakening. the message is mixed w/ christian, moslim, and jewish spiritual imagery. the first vision was a message of what you need to do in order to "get right with God" and bring new life to you and your family. i say this b/c of the references to pregnancy. but when your pregnant sister doesn't want the black cat around that causes your spiritual wealth to disintegrate. in your culture do cats have a special significance. in mine, i would consider the black cat as representing your shadow side, the side of your personality that you hide from others. the bite was obviously trying to get your attention. since the mark and pain was still there when you woke, it was a pretty strong indication that if you pick up clues from the vision then you can heal the spiritual losses revealed by the vision. lacking food often indicates need of spiritual nourishment and receiving food is symbolic for how to gain spiritual nourishment. i feel uncomfortable revealing more perceptions here. my email is listed if you would like more help.


That was an amazing vision, very powerful.
Jehovah is used in the Christian Old testament as a name for God, especially in older translations. No doubt other religions, maybe Judaism.
As Truthsayer comments, that turning point where your sister comments that all the animals, esp. the cat. cannot be good for the baby and this causes such a huge change (dust, river drying up) seems very important to me.
I suspect that every element is important, but the river, with the fish, which dries up seems to reflect a turn whereby the river of your soul gets turns to dust by.... what? Like Truthsayer, I don't really see, unless it ws the total act of rejecting the animals. Maybe in rejecting the animal side of your nature, which in this vision in a straightforward and unbashed way keeps chanting the name of god, and rejecting it causes everything to dry up and become (spiritually?) barren.
Then you got some silver coins (Robin Woods and others seem to say that silver is the colour of spirit) and tried to clean it up, and things more or less came right again. You also mention some water, so the dust became clay... again, rambling associations... in the Christian tradition, god formed man out of clay.
Hum, I'll think about this too.


Mehrdad: That is a powerful vision or lucid dream! Truthsayer & Marion offer some keen insights with which I concur.
There seems to be possibly a warning mixed with the expression of an internal struggle, possibly referring to maintaining a balanced life. That is, paying attention to one's spiritual needs as well as the mundane life.
While Science & the intellect have their place, the inner being has need of attention, nourishment & expression also.
There was a time when there was more of a connection to those concepts that provided a foundation of stability & comfort; however, those seem to be either lacking or not a part of the life now. Perhaps the trauma of having to build a new life in a new environment & recent events are influencing your perceptions & experiences.
Have you considered obtaining some counselling to deal with &/or to understand the disturbed sleep?
Also, are you using the deck at all? if you haven't cleansed the Tarot deck, I strongly suggest doing so.
BTW: Welcome to the Aeclectic Forums, & blessings to you!


To "truthsayer"
After reading your last post, I called my sister back in the old country (she resides in Iran) and then I found out that what you said was actually true. And she indeed has done a mental mistake that would cause us greatly (financially and spiritually).

Since you had no knowledge of my family situation and still were able to draw a correct conclusion only from my vision, which even I was not aware of until today, this makes me wonder. I wonder if there is a God called ?Yahova? or ?Jehovah? as you called it and even though all my logic tells me that there could not be a God but still I cannot deny my vision and your interpretation of it.

I was born a Moslem (but I do not practice it) and I have never seen anything in any religion that I could find worth practicing. However, my mother who is a devote Moslem has asked me several times to take here to a church so she can pray to God and Jesus Christ (in Islam they also believe in Jesus).

While we were in Europe (Austria) she went to one of those old Cathedrals in there and she told me that she likes that environment and she believes that her prays always get response when she asks it from Jesus. We have an old church in front of our streets and I think this Sunday I will take here there (If they let us in) and try to mend my relation to ?Yahova? and I would send you an email to your personal email address and I would let you know if I was successful in getting rid of my mental anguish by going there.
Thanks again, sincerely, mehrdad


[to ?marion?]

I am really glad that I took my mother?s suggestion and I shared my vision in this forum since the responses have been quite helpful and I feel much better now.

What you said about the silver coin is very interesting and I should add that in my vision the pictures on the coins were my mother?s but instead of the picture of my mother there was the image of a distinguished bald man.

About the name ?Jehovah?, I clearly remember that name which was being chanted was ?Ya-ho-va / Yahova? and not ?Jehovah? so I wonder if at any time or by any religion the name of God had been pronounced ?Yahova? by anybody.

As you are probably aware in Islam the God is called ?Allah? but I undoubtedly heard those animals were calling to ?Yahova? since even after a month past that night I still hear that name ringing in my ear.
Sincerely mehrdad.


[to meewah]
What you said about the need for spiritual nourishment is something that I certainly will consider. I surely need to reconsider my life and have to examine those areas in my existence that I have neglected all my years on this Earth.

About if the recent event might have some effect on what I saw, the fact is what I saw was exactly one night before of the WTC tragic event. After my vision I was shaking and was disoriented for the rest of that night so around early in the morning I finally was able to go back to sleep and woke up around eleven in the morning.

That morning I had to call a governmental based educational office about my payment for my past student loan in New York but I was constantly receiving the busy signal or a recorded message informing me that this number cannot be contacted at the present moment. So to kill some time I turned on the TV and in my shocking amazement I saw the repeated images of an airplane hitting WTC twin towers.

At first I thought my vision and dust and clay and the rest might had been a prediction of what did happen the day after. I have done a lot of research on quantum mechanics and I believe that time travel is a possibility so I thought that somehow I was able to travel trough time and foresee the destruction before it actually happened.

However, after reading ?truthsaying? and ?Marion? and your comments about my vision I believe that my vision coinciding with that tragic event was only a coincident.


Jehovah is actually pronounced ya-ho-va.

The stairs may express your frustration at not being able to get anywhere with this vision. Cannot go up or down, and they never seem to end. Does this follow-up dream still haunt you now that you have been able to make a start?