Couple of new tarot decks I'm thinking about doing...

Major Tom

I've been trying to develop a couple of ideas that I've picked up from this group - so I thought I'd ask the group their thoughts...

The first idea is a deck made of ceramic plates. I've attached a photo of the first two cards (not yet fired or glazed). These plates are made of earthenware. I've used inlays of different colours of clay to create the images. I'm thinking this could be a limited edition - say 10 of each card. A paper card version could also be made using photographs...

The other idea is a deck made of tye-dyed and printed t-shirts. I haven't started this one yet but know that the first card will be the Sun... I reckon this would need to be a limited edition as well and a paper card version could be made too...

What do you think?


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Hey - Good one MT!

Some interesting ideas :D Plates lends itself to a round deck pretty well too...

Faerie Lin

Too freakin cool Major Tom!!!!!



tarot tees

oh yeah!! :D absolutely awesome-- i could be my favorite card. or wear the card of the day!!

**reaching into a large drawer and picking a shirt at random **

i painted a jacket with the rider magician and wore it to death-- but now......

put in my order for the star on a medium blue shirt.



love them :)

mark me for a high priestess shirt and maybe a plate too :)



I love the ceramic plates idea. (of course i love working with clay- so that probably has something to do with it-) You have done a great job. They seem to me- very natural. Very earthy- and pure. If that makes sense. I like how you used the various colors of clay- I think that technique works well with this form. Did you use any glaze- or is it left in its natural state? Just curious.
Again- I think this is a great idea. I have contelmplated doing something similar to this- only having the major arcana depicted on a bowl or something like that in panels. But I am still working on the idea. (Then maybe someday I will be able to afford to go back to school- and take more pottery classes- and eventually end up with a kiln, wheel etc... all my own. )
Let me know how it all turns out!