Covering a crystal ball


I'm sorry if this has been discussed before. I looked but I couldn't find anything.

I bought a crystal ball years and years ago. At the time I read somewhere that it should be wrapped in black velvet. I've long since forgotten why, but ever since the ball has been wrapped in black velvet in a drawer. I hardly ever look at it, or even remember that I have it. In fact, a few years afterwards I bought a second one so I could display it and appreciate it.

Can I safely release my first crystal ball from its black velvet prison? I'd love to have it somewhere close by where I can touch it whenever I want. I adore rocks and crystals and it seems so sad that this poor ball is all alone and in the dark.


It's time you liberated your crystal ball! It's fine though to store your rocks in a tackle box or elsewhere. But to enjoy them you should handle them and you will be happy and so will they. Some people store their crystals in black velvet, etc., to keep any vibes from sticking to them. That's a good way to keep them clear if you use them for scrying in divination. But all crystals love to be around you, so those you could cleanse more often by rinsing them in plain water.


yes akuts, I use to keep my crystal ball all covered up in black velvet as well, and then tucked into a nice box as well. just like you, it would stay there, often forgotten. the only times I would rememeber to bring it out was during a full moon, when it would sit in a window to absorb the light of the moon.

LeaRoseQuartz is correct! Uncover that ball and set it out where you can see it and it you! allow it to breathe and when you are going to read with it, if you feel you need to clean it, run it under warm water to cleanse it. hope you'll share any experiences you have with your cyrstal ball here with us all. :)


Absolutely take it out. Think of it like a person completely sheltered from the world. True, not much harm will come to them, but what good can they do either?


Crystals balls are so gorgeous. They should not be covered up and hidden. They are far to precious and beautiful. You can keep it out of sunlight, use it on an altar, put them on bookcases (my two largest ones are in bookcases, but I can see them right now and my smallest one is right here at the computer, ready for action) or set them on a mantel or by your beside. They are so lovely and precious. Enjoy them!


Thank you, everyone! My crystal ball is coming out as soon as I finish typing this. I'll give it a lot of attention for a while, and I have a new rose quartz sphere that can sit next to it to keep it company.

Er, with the cleaning, is it just warm water or would a little perfumed mild soap be ok as well?

Thanks again :)



Usually I just hold the stone under warm water and roll it around in my hands for a few minutes and then dry it. If it has greasy fingerprints on it or if it has been handled by someone who has alot of negativity, then I use some liquid hand soap on it and rub it a bit, rinse it well and dry.


Thank you LeaRoseQuartz. :) I really wasn't sure if soap would be alright.


Velvet? Everything I ever read said silk. Velvet is traditionally used to drape the crystal when scrying, but not for wrapping.

If it's not one that you use for scrying, don't worry about it. Display it. Lillian Too, the Feng Shui lady, recommends keeping them in an areas that tends to attract clutter, to keep the energy there from becoming clogged and stagnant.

If you do use it for scrying, you should keep it wrapped when you are not using it. You don't need silk, any natural fabric will do. I had my most stunning crystal vision in a plain glass sphere that I kept in a drawer wrapped in a black cotton t-shirt.


I've checked my books but the only reference I can find is in "A Manual of Occultism" by Sepharial.

"Having obtained a good rock crystal ... the same should be kept out of the Sun's direct rays, and when not in use may be conveniently kept in a black velvet or silk bag, which will not scratch the surface."

I suppose this must be where I got it from.

Thanks so much for saying that it's recommended to keep the ball in a cluttered area. It's presently living on my computer desk, which is always cluttered with all kinds of things. :)