Creating a Deck with reversals, but upright images

Phoenix Rising

has anyone created or creating a deck with half upright and half reversal images. As I was reading a few of the posts that all seem to ask the question of using reversals. I think looking at a upside down card can put people off or stop the flow. Although I am a beginner and learning to use reversals anyway, but it could be learnt alot faster(reversals) if we don't have to look at a upside down image. So if the card does have a reversal meaning, then atleast we don't have to look at a upside down picture. That half of the card that is reversed can have a different colour background or something, so we can identify it being a reversal as well when looking at the overall spread.
What do you think?

Rusty Neon

A potential problem with inventing an upright reversal image (for the reversal meaning of a RWS card) is that there is no one single accepted reversal meaning for each card of the RWS deck. Although there is similarly no one single accepted meaning for the upright RWS cards, the RWS-based decks can, at least, use the upright images from the Rider-Waite deck as a recognizable-image starting point.

This problem aside, it would be interesting to see a deck with reversal images for all 78 cards done in Rider-Waite style with the same card size and the same backs as the RW deck, so that the two decks could be put together as a 156 card deck.

Another interesting variation would be to have a split design, with two images per card: the RW image and a reversal image.

Phoenix Rising

Hi Rusty
Yes that was what I meant, to have a split card with reversals and uprights on the same card. Not 156 cards! But thankyou for clearing that up. I obviously didn't write what I meant.


It's an interesting idea, and well worth doing. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. I agree that the reversed meaning is very much a matter of context and interpretation, so to show it specifically might not always be helpful (though of course it depends how broad the image is and how open to interpretation).
Have you had a chance to do any sketches yet? It would be good to see more of what you have in mind.

Phoenix Rising

Hi Baba
Unfortunately I don't have much of a creative side when it comes to art and such. But to give some more talented person a idea to come up with. Unless someone knows of a deck like this, it could be a unique idea. People are always open to differences of decks and buy them because of that.


You'd also be cutting down the size of your images so far that it may not be worth it. Unless the cards were enlarged enough to allow for this (which causes shuffling problems with everyone with small hands) you'd be looking at loosing the impact of a lot of the art.

Phoenix Rising

Hi Hudson
Well that could be a possibility too, depending on the artist too. But people use the mini decks and don't seem to mind.


Someone was also trying this out with images from the movie Spirited Away--their postings were, I think, under the Tarot Deck Creation section. She (he?) had some images up to look at.


reversed images

Have you ever seen pictures that you look at them one way, and they are one thing, and then you turn them upside down, and it looks like another thing? I've seen pictures of this that were young woman/old woman and man/woman. They are really cool, and I thought that would be really cool as a tarot set. Your idea sort of made me think of this one. But then, it'd be really difficult to do this, but maybe one day someone will make a deck like that.