Creating a Tarot Deck?

Major Tom

Would you like your work to be seen?

Email or PM me urgently.

There might be money in this. })


nooooooo, not yet, lol

can you post this again in a couple of months please, grovel, grovel, :)

alli i bee


if this is for what i think its for itd be cool if kayne opts in, i want a psycholigist t shirt ;)



What kind of money & what's all involved? You setting up an ebay account? A web ring? Agenting for stores?


I'm in Lili, but only for Kayne's Celtic Tarot, for the shirts... :)


hi. if this is about what you pmed me, i'm in. and even if it isn't, i'm still intersted. :)


exactly as said above me ;)


Sounds intriguing...tell us more!


yes i'm creating a tarot deck

hello all... major tom, what exactly did you mean by your post? i'm completely a virgin when it comes to computers. i'm on my maiden voyage thru the internet today on my very first computer. though i might be a virgin to computers i'm hardly that in front of a canvas armed with brush in hand. i am a painter working on an extremely large tarot deck with the intention to publish upon completion even if i do it myself.???actually besides the installation of the major arcana,as far as display, i don't know yet how far it will go. if you are interested email me and tell me how to, where to post a picture. please let me know. thanks!

Major Tom

It's too late...

Hi Tiffany,

Welcome to the community. :) Stick around, I'm sure everyone here will be interested in seeing your work.

My post meant exactly what it said. I wanted people creating tarot decks to contact me urgently on the 13th of the month.

As far as posting a picture, you could do that right here...

Oh! And if anyone wants the same deal I gave Kayne and Blue_fusion with the t-shirts just send me an email.