Creating new Tarot deck


Hi I hope I'm in the right forum here (only my 3rd post).

I would love to create a Tarot or Oracle deck of the gods. There are quite a few beautiful goddess packs around, some Tarot and some Oracle cards but I really feel that there is a void concerning gods or the masculine aspect. I believe that the god or masculine aspect is relevant to both males and females just as much as the goddess aspect is relevant to both males and females.


Wow - sounds like a brilliant idea angharad! I like it! Have you thought about which dieties you are going to put on each card? Are you going to select gods and goddesses from one particular panteon or from a range of cultures?
Good luck and keep developing the idea!


God Tarot deck

I think I would choose from a variety of pantheons, actually it not really my idea anyway but was inspired by the Goddess oracle. I have been trying to find a deck that matches it but with the God aspect, but since I havn't been able to find a deck I thought why not create one. The only problem is I have no idea how to go about it.


Well Id probably start with the majors and list appropriate God correspondances, like perhaps Odin for the hanged man. You can use what was done on the Goddess Tarot as a guide, i dont own it so i dont know how she does minors or courts. But no matter what having your God correspondances in order would be the first step, probably followed by a list of symbolism you want in each card.



god oracle??


perhaps you might consider using the god that is usually paired up with the goddess from the oracle deck. that might give you a spring off point.



Re: God cards

Lilliana the Goddess Oracle does not have majors and minors like classic Tarot it is a set of I think 54 cards each describing the major attributes of a certain goddess and how to access those attributes through meditation and pathworking.

I did like the idea from Steve that perhaps I should use the God most associated with a certain Goddess such as Isis and Osiris.