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Hey Y'all!

I'm new here, yet have spent HOURS reading old posts and learning a lot. I've had a growing curiosity about us crazies interested in creating our own decks.

About 10 years ago, I built a deck around 'official' images; for example, my moon card had dogs, a crayfish, a river, etc. This time, however, I’m building a new deck with *my* completely unique interpretation of tarot themes.

So what do you think? How have you planned or created your deck? Do your images ‘follow the rules’ or are you a rebel like me?



Rules? What rules? My own perspective was that I wanted a deck that would give me readings that were as strong and clear as possible. Most of the minor symbols, if they're there at all, are there in spirit only, because for me, for most readings, they're a distraction.

I don't think of myself as a rebel, either. The decks I have vary between strict adherence to "traditional" symbols and ignoring them for the most part.

There are all varieties of Tarot purist, and I'm sure you'll hear from each of them over time as you work on your deck - if you satisfy our curiosity and post images, at least. Keep going - perhaps someday you'll watch a study group for your deck pointing out why your interpretations are more historically accurate than another established deck <giggle>. A sad fate for a "rebel", huh?




Your interpretation of tarot is the only 'true' one for you. Your images are your sacred vision.

My only advise is to keep a written record as to the meanins and reasons for your symbolism-- helps others to understand...

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Mix, match and invent!


I've been through this as well...

I find that when i have a clear, new idea, that I can explain 'symbolically", then I can so what ever I want, because it has a backing, a justification...

Some cards, I don't relate to as much (about half), meaning that I follow less thay way they appear in my life...
For example, when I see Death, or 10 of Cups, or Magician, I know exactly what is in store for me... Bit when I see 3 of Pentacles, or 9 of Rods, I really have to dive into the books (at least 3-4), to understand....

So, my advice would be, that for each card you fist read as many sources for different decks and books, as possible. Try to read books by the author-artist as well as books be people who are into tarot, and use many deck samplings in their books. that widens your perception.

Then after you learned it all, and still feel you have smething new to add, another symbol, another situation, whatever, just do it, and as adviced here, keep notes for that. Yopur deck will be meaningless without them!
The rest, you can always mix & match, some your own, some traditional. It actually becomes interesting this way...

Personally, I like decks that have somethings new added, but that i can also use without sticking to their new book, but by recognizing traditional symbols. It will be accepted and used by more people that way. It will be a more usefull deck...

Good luck!


There has been talk in my house of making a deck.
the theme is life in the mountains and the majors, the four suits, in order, each plays out like a movie..{he's into film, I'm into tarot & these mountains}I don't know if we will be able to follow tradition for every card....we will see.


Thanks for all the replies!

I've been mulling this issue over for a long time, a few years at least.

I know people create their own divination / oracle systems that really step outside the traditional tarot story, and I wonder about that.

It's not like that choice is any less valid; it may even be more so, since it communicates directly to an individual's personal symbolism... But, is it still tarot?

It seems to me that in one way, the story told in the cards speaks to a collective unconscious that we all share. And obviously, the images came before the books which try to explain those symbols. If I personalize the images to the point of where the explanation makes more sense to me, am I losing a part of the magic inherent in the tarot?

I know there isn't a 'right' answer ...

Still mulling in Seattle,


you want to be such a "good girl'!!! :)

Dearest Anti-M!

i SO identify with you!
last year, I read a book by rachel pollack, called "Forest of Souls". It totally "fall on my lap", and I got all my answers there!

According to rachel, all tarot craetions (of all kinds), make up what Tarot is.
Just like the origins of the Tarot, (which themselves are a myth, because there are so. many versions), so are the tarot decks themselves...All a part that make the tarot what it is...

Don't forget that Waite an Crowley and theie artists, were humans after all and debated jut like us...
the Raider deck may be the most popular deck, and considered the "traditional', but it's no ten testaments!

i think that if you DO have a theme, different than the traditional, go for it. it will still be tarot! But then you should also be aware that it will be "touched" by less people, because people go for the familiar that looks different, much easier than to something completely new...

And, alas, you can always make more than one!!!!!
(I'm still working on my first, and never thought i woulld say such a thing, after what i go through, BUT, what will my llife look like after I finish it?????