Cry for help to my angles ..


I asked my healing with angels deck by Doreen virtue.
If the angels heard my cry for help earlier to help me heal a friendship.

Here's what I've received no set position.

Children- Heaking- Archangel Michael -Trust
(I've included an image below)

Children "Pay attention to your inner child."
Healing - "a situation that caused you concern is on the mend."
Archangel Michael " This powerful angel is with you right now, he gives you courage."
Trust - " Beleive in yourself and have faith that god and the angels are with you."

My take on the situation.

I believe it's telling me that my angles are with me and in order to feel them being around and helping me currently I need to listen to my inner child for a short while and be innocent and believe again, I need not be fearful. I feel that it's telling me sometimes in life you need time on your own before a situation can heal properly (to play and laugh). I feel this card is telling me that the situation is being surrounded by love and healing energy and the angels have understood my cry for help and there now trying to help me. In return I need to let them. I believe that the Angela's have sent me the energy of Michael down to try and help heal the situation I believe Michael wants me to know there's nothing he can't do and I shouldn't be afraid to ask him for help whilst he's around. Trust I feel is telling me I need to trust everything is in divine order and things will be sorted eventually. The angels have heard my cry and they're doing everything in their power to help me.

Any other opinions?
)o( xx