crystal pendant


Hi all!
About a year ago, I had a crystal call to me. It took me a while to find it (but that's a long story). When I brought it home, I cleansed and blessed it and did an invocation, blah blah blah...... Anyway, this crystal pendant was my friend. I felt great when I wore it (physically speaking). I cleansed it every full moon and we had a great relationship. However, in the last few months, I can't wear it anymore. I literally feel sick when I wear it. I've tried cleansing it and even buried it. I even asked it what was happening - it said it was too powerful for me. Anyway....... pretty bizarre. Does anyone know anything about wearing crystals????


I've found that crystals definitely have their own personalities. Just like your friends - some stay with you for life and others come and go.

I'd suggest putting it aways for awhile. Maybe it has become too powerful for you in the state of mind you're in now, but later may be OK again. Then again it may never work the same for you again.

Just pay attention to what it's telling you. You may even be guided to give it to someone else. I've had crystals draw me to them so I'd have them to give to a friend. You never know. If you pay attention it will let you know what to do.



i'm so glad that i'm not the only one that happens to. i buy crystals and gems all the time and then they want to go away with someone. (blankets and other stuff too but that's another story. i give alot of stuff away!)

sometimes i'll wear or use the crystal and charge it up with lots of energy and then it asks to go live with 'joe blow' and it's gone.

ps i don't mind, someday maybe one will want to come back.

tiger lily

That happened to me once and I strongly recommend that you follow your intuition and *not* wear it.

I tried everything with my pendant ... buried it even. But everytime I closed my eyes and "looked", it was pulsing like a heart - very, very powerful.

I guess I overloaded it - it was a pretty intense time for me then, lots of emotional upheaval. The stone was a gift from my mother, it was meant to help me, alleviating the pain. That´s what it did - it absorbed the energy.

Anyway, a year later, I thought the energy could have weared off and I should try it. I immediately had the feeling that I couldn´t breathe, but I ignored that.

A few days later, when I was standing before the mirror, brushing my hair (i.e. doing *nothing* with the pendant stone), it fell off my neck and broke in three pieces.

The weird thing was that no piece of the chain was broken! It should have been impossible to come off! I showed it around to everyone I know and nobody could explain it.

I concluded that the stone had committed suicide. No kidding! And I felt bad for wearing it despite my strong feelings that I shouldn´t.


that is some freaky stuff. It further reminds me of today when i passed by this shop and saw some crystal pendants at the window. I felt like i had to have one of them even though i had no use for it at all. I decided not to get it but it haunted me for hours .. maybe i should go back and buy it.


Thank you for your replies. I think your right - I'll have to give my pendant away ........ possible to some Joe Blow (LOL Jade). I too love giving things away ......... so it might be time to say goodbye to this very dear friend.

New River

hi deso! thanks for sharing this. i. too, have had crystals get to be 'too much' for me. i've also had others i really loved when they asked to move on with someone else. yep, it sounds crazy to hear that a Crystal Asked to move on. but it does happen. i always bless it and give it away, hoping that it will be happy and continue it's work.

plus, it opens a space for a new crystal or charm or whatever that may want to take it's place!

love, light and happiness, New River