Crystal spread


I've been finding a specific crystals very where I go,
I hope this is the right place to put these as no body seems to answer your readings on here only exchnage threads.

I am using the lovers oracle
Here's the images

Here's the spread;

My take

1) What energy is the crystal giving off?
"Romance, cupids arrow strikes."

I feel this is suggesting that the Rose Quartz for me is giving off a romantic energy in order to help me feel open about finding a romance again, I feel it's suggesting that I carry it with me so that I can follow where cupids arrow wants me to go. It's almost like in a sense Cupid has ienchanted it so I can borrow a little of his intuition. (Like the ring hey have on charmed ..)

2) What gift or lesson does it bring me?
"Look inside yourself, examine what is causing you to feel this way."

I feel it's being me a gift, In the form of a lesson. I feel that it's showing me I need to learn to look inside myself to figure out who I am and how I feel, and why sometimes I feel negative about myself so that I can change it to a better perspective to atttact the right person in to my life.

3) What intent should I program this stone with?
"My beloved." Though we maybe physically apart, spiritually we are always united. For love transcends space and time nothing is missing.

I feel this is telling me that even though most of my friendships maybe far away, in different county's it wants me to remember and feel that I am loved and I always will be. And that I'm worth it. I feel that It wants me to remember that I have everything and everyone I need, even if it isn't in the form of a romance just yet.

4) How to best work with this stone,
I'm not sure on this one but here it goes:
"Sexual union, honour the place in one another where you are one eternal soul, for there you will find true bliss."

I feel this is saying I should look towards relationships where I feel the most passion and carry the stone with me at that precise moment as it might be able to amplify the union/ out come of the situation.

What else does this stone want me to know (my own adds question)
Time jumped out
"You are trying to hard give it time."

Relax and know the stone is taking its time in order to help me find the best possible match for me don't panick and don't rush things.

Any help would be appreciated. X