curious about your opinions


Today I was looking at a tarot book which I picked up at the library. The author had a purist view about which cards represent which gender, ie a king or magician is always a man, and a queen or high priestess always stands for a woman.

Anyway it got me thinking, how do others see cards which have a traditional representation of a man or woman. Do you always interpret kings as men, or the high priestess as a woman?

The magician and high priestess are interesting, because they represent two opposing and complementary "personalities".
I don't see them as having to represent their own genders only, instead I see them as representing different aspects of human personalities. Same with the court cards.

But, I'm still curious as to what others think. Let me know :)



I agree wit you Lilliana: I have often come across mn who have been represented by Queens and Pages, and one of my friends who's a guy can identify more with the High Priestess than the Magician. Each card represents different aspcts ofa personality, however, I do think that these aspcts can take on a distinctly male or female tone. For instance, intuition is regarded as very female thig, but men also have it, and thus some can idntify with the HPS.

Also, I hae come across soe homosexuals who I've read for, and I found that court cards couldn't really work i we applied the whole 'Kings are men' thing to them...



What Tarot was that? I am curious *LOL*

I agree with Kiama, and do not see the court cards or any other card as gender specific, they are more reflective of personality, outter expression, etc.

Love & Light,


I also agree. With interpretations, either in tarot or astrology, the terms "masculine" and "feminine" do not refer to gender, but rather to the qualities represented by the card, planet, sign, etc.