Curious as to the Faerie Oracles


I've read a few threads & seen two different decks at a book shop, but in a nutshell can someone please explain to me how the Faeries work & who invented them. Are they similar to using Tarot cards? Do they have the same effect??

I'd appreciate your answers. Thank you. (Yes I'm looking through threads now)


there are several...

the one here, the study group is about the faeries' oracle from brian froud and jessica macbeth,
there is also the fairy ring from anna franklin and paul mason,
there's also healing with the fairies from doreen virtue:

fairy ring:
and healing:

links to threads (divination section):

brian froud-website:
oracle online where you can do some spreads:
healing with the fairies: weekly horoscope:
and i know you can do a reading with the fairy ring somewhere but i don't find it, thought it was on, oh well...

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Well, faeries in general are creatures of long standing folk tradition, mainly of European cultures but also sighted by other cultures around the world. The fae include not only the cute, feminine winged creatures that you may be familiar with (a la Disney), but many magical creatures associated with the woods and waters of the older worlds. Their land, faerieland, is on a plain which both inhabits ours and is beyond ours. There are a great variety of fae, much too numerous to count. And, despite the popular misconception that these creatures are all cute and nice, there are many stories of mischievous acts by the fae (for instance, stepping into the fairy shoes can cause you to dance to death, at their delight). They are capricious, not locked into the Christian conceptions of "right" and "wrong". In fact, they are sometimes linked with mythic tradition of Lillith, the first woman before Eve, an equal to Adam, who clashed with him and was relegated to a different realm, and thus the fae are her offspring.

In regards to Faery Oracle decks, rostie linked you to the two major decks which are non-tarot. Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth's Faeries' Oracle is what we are studying here. Link to to see much of Froud's work and find a link to the Faeries' Oracle. The deck is a creation of Froud and Macbeth, and thus isn't tarot. It works as most any other deck, and what I love about it is that it encourages you to use your intuition. There are meanings for the different fae, but the book encourages you to find your own meanings for the cards, and even for spreads they give you. The cards are stunning.

The other major oracle deck is Anna Franklin and Paul Mason's Fairy Ring Oracle. This deck has four suits corresponding to the four seasons, with numbered and court cards in each suit, plus it has eight festival cards corresponding to the eight fairy festivals. The fairies depicted are traditional Celtic fairies. Franklin is a Wiccan High Priestess and brings great knowledge and understanding to the cards. She offers meditative advice as well as reading meanings, but even she cautions not to meditate on certain fae, which could be quite dangerous. Many people have been turned off by this deck, but I think it is wonderful.

I hope some of this info was helpful


rostie said:
and i know you can do a reading with the fairy ring somewhere but i don't find it, thought it was on, oh well...
Hey, sara. Just did a search and I found that you can do an online reading with the fairy ring oracle, as well as other decks (including Joseph Martin's Quest Tarot), at the following:

Llewellyn Tarot Readings



Khatruman has given you a great rundown of folklore and two of the major faerie decks. Rostie has given you some great links so I am not going to repeat what they have already said.

None of the artists created the fae, they are described in folklore as Khatruman has shared with you and reside on the astral plane. As to which deck you think would work best for you it all depends on what you are looking for in a deck.

The Faeries Oracle by Froud, is incredibly intuitive and if you read through this study group you can see that it is an extremely interactive deck, and has a distinct personality. The fey in this deck do not really seemed bound by any specific tradition, although I am sure they are somewhat influenced by celtic folklore as Khatruman has noted some similiarities in the names of various fae. Of the 100+ Tarot and Oracle decks I own this is by far my very very favorite.

The Fairy Ring, is based on celtic faerie lore. The book is very informative. I find this deck to be a great reading deck. Very straight forward readings. It do not find it interactive. The cards are simply cards unlike the Faeries Oracle which has a personality. Personally I have had no inclination to meditate with this deck ... just to read with it.

Healing with Fairies by Doreen Virtue is another faerie oracle. I find this to be a nice complement type deck. Each card has key words and the LWB that comes with the deck is very good. I would recommend reading her book Healing with Faeries prior to getting the deck. It is not a card description guide, it is about Doreen's personal experiences with the Fae. This is a gentle deck.

If you prefer a tarot deck over an oracle, then I would recommend the LoScarabeo Fey Tarot. It is idependent of fae folklore and is a traditional tarot with a fresh perspective. It is Raider Waite Based.

The oracles work in spreads like tarot decks do, but I find that for the faeirie based oracles they are much simpler than tarot. If you know tarot you can work with any of these oracles with no problem what so ever.



Thank you, Rostie, Khatruman & Jewel for your insightful & informative replies. I honestly wasn't expecting the depth & information you provided me Khatruman, thank you very much! I'm going to have a look at the links provided.

Thank you!!