Daily Draw


I pulled two cards for my daily draw. One being the Seer and the other King of chalices. after talking to an old friend for the first time I was wondering if these two cards could have related to our situation. Are there any ideas on what these two cards together would mean?




Robin, both these cards have some similar qualities, patience and calmness being most obvious, IMHO. The Seer expresses herself through female qualities; a supportive and approachable presence, protecting the door to deeper understanding (of herself or that which she values), gathering of knowledge for an implied (but not stated) purpose.

The King of Chalices is likewise calm, patience, less emotional on the surface than might be expected among the suite of cups but has very deep feelings underneath. He is often looking for answers. This King can signify a "benefactor" or one who will give wholehearted support to you once a commitment is made.

Together these two cards represent a powerful connection that will seek to discover answers and explore possibilities. Don't take this friend for granted, I suspect this meeting can offer much to you in the long run.



I just wanted to respond after all that has happened, dadsnook2000, looking back on the reconnecting with my friend. I appreciate your comments and see that I cannot take this friend for granted as you have stated because of our deep connection with one another which I keep trying to push aside. so thank you for words. It has helped.