Daily romance message


I asked what would you like me to know about my love life today.

I'm using the secret language of animals oracle deck
Included an image two animals are significant in this reading
(When it was a nick name my granddad gave too me as a child and my mum's partners favourite animals are polar bears).

Pop outs (additional information)

Red Squirrel - Resourcefulness, Vigilance, preparation
Timber wolf - Instinct, guidance and belonging

Main spread

Fairy wren - Vibrancy, support and the muse
Bee - creativity, purpose and harvest
Polar bear, solitude, friendship and resilience.

My take

Additional information

I believe that the squirrel is telling me that I should look out for the unexpected, be prepared to open up to new things and accept them. Expect the unexpected and let things change naturally. I think the wolf is telling me to look after my own and make sure that I have a clear mind so I can open up to romance possibilities and communicate more. I'm feeling that it could indicate to someone that I already know and I feel comfortable with at the moment.

Main spread

Fairy wren I feel is telling me to be open to change in my romance life, I believe it's saying that there's a change on the way soon but I just need to act impulsively and think with my heart not my head rather then not go for an opportunity because it isn't what I desire at the moment. I feel it's saying I can get where I'd like to be regardless. (Let's say I'd like to be down in Cornwall, I don't need to find a southerner to get that dream come true, just someone with the same passion for the place.) I believe the bee is confirming that I'm on the right path for some changes in my romance life, I believe the bee is telling me to remain humble and not to go bouncing off the walls. I believe that the bee is saying too me that I need to remember what I desire as well as others and take care of my self and everyone else. (Let's say I get a guy I've been after for a while) I think the bee's message is telling me to play it cool and take care of the opperuntiy rather then bounce and announce it to everyone and let them gossip about the situation. The polar bear is telling me to remain strong and not give up on my dreams, it's telling me to enjoy my friendships because you'll never know where they might lead.

All in all I believe that this message is clear and simple I think it's telling me that there's a shift or change in my romantic life coming to me, it might not be exactly what I "want." But it'll take me where I desire to be. I believe these cards are telling me not to give up and stay close to those who I have around me.



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