Daily Tarot Trends for August 2001


O.k. daily readers? How did your August do?

Amazingly, for the entire month I only had one repeat card - the HP on the 16th and 30th - both Thursdays. Only one card came up reversed - Temperance on the 11th. Even balance between Majors & Minors, but lots of Cups and Wands.

How did you do?


now that's quite interesting tarotbear, i also had the high priestess come up twice this month, on the first and the 30th. hmmmm. the fool also came up twice, on the 6th and the 19th.

of the 33 cards pulled, 12 were majors (hp, justice, temperance, lovers, fool, devil, star, sun, death, strength), 7 were court cards, 7 cups, 7 pentacles, 5 swords, and 3 wands.

remember also that the day my bf broke up with me, temperance, the lovers, and the two of cups fell out of the deck during shuffling, and the next day, the king of swords and the sun fell out. additionally, on the 26th, i pulled strength, but justice and the 7 of cups fell out during shuffling - for some reason, i didn't use those as my cards for that day. in the last five days of the month, four were pentacles. i'm spending a great deal of money on transition lately - new clothes for work, as i go full time there in three weeks, and i have electrolysis all next week, 4 days, 8 hours a day. yikez.

over all, the tarot reflected some major life issues i faced during this past month, some growth, some pain, and some changes. i also pulled several cards from my tarot of the cloisters deck, though as i'm still using that deck as "time getting used to it", i didn't keep a written record of those.

luv and light,


Finally had a chance to review my spreadsheet and check for repeat cards and stuff. This is my first month of doing this. :)

Out of the month of cards I had mostly Wands - 12 (10 of Wands 3x) and then Penatcles - 11 and then Cups - 7 and Swords - 3. 13 Majors altogether with the Devil repeating 3 times. The Moon twice.

One thing I noticed is that I'd get a card one day and then get the same card in reverse the next day. Pretty interesting. I shuffle my cards very well too.

Hmm, lots of weird, wild schtuff.
Rhiannon :)