Dark Lady


My favourite card is the Dark Lady. She helped me through very rough times and I owe her a lot. I love her very much. Sometimes, I can talk to her. When I had my exams, I asked her for help and she answered me: Do what you can and we'll see what we can do... It meant very much to me that she said that. Without the faery oracle, I would be lost 'cause I can't live without them anymore.

The first time when I saw the cards, was on the internet. Rostie showed me a lot of tarotcards and I was looking and looking, and suddenly I saw the Faeries' Oracle. I knew that I must have it. First, Rostie bought the oracle, and later, I did so too.
And I will never regret it...



I think the Dark Lady is a wonderful card. To me, she relates to the "darker" and more sexual nature of the fae (and of ourselves).

The card's colors suggest the High Priestess to me, dark blues and cool colors. And definitely speaks HP energy to me with the shining crescent at the Dark Lady's brow.

But, unlike the Tarot HP, I feel the Dark Lady is much more ... seductive. She entices the viewer of the card with her gaze -- and the lower faery's open-legged pose certainly carries that impression home. No chaste attitude here, no veils and draperies. Just stark, head-on, no apologies ... and ... a "rawness" to her energy that I find wonderful.


It is so interesting to me that my experience with the Dark Lady is pretty brutal. From the very first time I ever laid eyes on that card I had an impression of fear. She talks of the darkest places within myself that I fear to even begin to acknowledge. I find her gaze to be of the dark goddess Kali....of destruction/power/and rebirth through chaos. But despite my fears she returns to my readings over and over again. I know her lessons run deep within me. And I look forward to the day when I do not cringe when I see her dark viasge.



Many people have posted that the Dark Lady is one of the cards that they fear or dislike the most.

When I look at the card, I see the High Priestess - but darker. When I looked at her I thought of magic, intuition, mystery, and shadows... Intoxicating!


the dark lady

To me she resembles the dark side, something scary and to be weary of. In some ways, she seems like the "devil" card, temptations, indulgence, and a dark mystery (demonish) about her that leaves me uncomfortable.

Isn't it so strange how we view and feel about our faeries differently?


Shanticrow said:
I find her gaze to be of the dark goddess Kali....of destruction/power/and rebirth through chaos
Kali Ma is *exactly* who I was thinking of while writing my previous post. I find Her energy here myself, but I don't cringe from Her.

I do, however, shudder. ;)


I have barely used my Faeries Oracle as I feel I need to set aside time to study it properly: I`m not used to oracles and I don`t want to end up just reading the book.

The Dark Lady, out of all of the cards is definately the one card which when I looked through this deck I felt very drawn to.
Her eyes are amazing, they draw you in, they dare you to enter her world.
I too get a feeling of the High Priestess from this card, yet more primal. She has a very sexual feeling around her.
She`s dark, seductive and dangerous.
She knows.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx


I am actually going to do some work with a group of mine tonight on the new moon, the time of letting go and rebirth. I thought it would be the perfect time to explore the Dark Lady's energies a little more in depth. I'll let everyone know how it goes.




It's funny, when I saw this thread, I thought, hmm, I don't even remember this card, I've had the deck for two years, use it daily, but have no recollection of this card at all. I was actually going to check my cards today, after my throw, to make sure I even had it. Then whammo! It came up in my daily card, as a clarification to Singer of Initiation.
I can't believe that I haven't noticed this card before! Actually, I can, I'm great at blocking what I don't want to see! To me, there is not a touch of kindness or softness in this card at all, not even for someone with the thickest rose coloured glasses such as I. Nothing warm, and the expression on her face as she looks out says she is aware of this, and of how uncomfortable it is for me.
The card of initiation dared me to look at my hard times differently, to try a different approach, and I drew the Dark lady as clarification.
As I said, I'm a rose coloured glasses girl, a Pollyanna who is determined to find good, or a wise lesson in everything. I'm going through a real "dark night of the soul" and I'm trying to fight it, or solve it with all of my energy.
Maybe, the dark lady is saying to surrender to this feeling, to just experience it. But then the Dark Lady is not a victim, she is far from powerless, so to me this creates a a puzzling contradiction- what is she trying to tell me.
Co-incidentally, last night, I was drawn to use the new moon energies. I've never worked with the moon before- so in a sense the energies of initiation and Dark Lady were both there.


Just to let everyone know....the Dark Lady was a huge hit at my full moon/new moon group. Each person took a turn looking at the card and absorbing her energies both physically and etherically. As they did I read the definition from the book over and over again. Eventually everyone closed their eyes and the reading of the definiton turned into a speed mantra that took people into her dimension. It was powerful for all invovled. As for myself, I felt The Dark Lady accepting my attempt to ackowledge, honor, an work with her in a more physical and present way. It was a huge step, but I feel it is just the beginning.