David Spangler and Incarnational Spirituality


I was familiar with David Spangler as a founder of the New Age movement while he was part of the Findhorn Trust in Scotland. He split from there a long time ago and now heads the Lorian Association, promoting a spiritual lifestyle termed "Incarnational Spirituality." The little I've read about it seems aligned with some of my own thoughts on the subject, so I signed up for the free newsletter. Does anyone have experience with Lorian and Spangler's work? He seems to have his head on straight for the most part.



But thanks for the heads up... hmmm...

My hubby's best friend was stationed at the RAF base opposite it.
We'd visit.
I rather liked seeing the war planes take off on one side - and all the "flower power" - looking
folks on the other, doing yoga in the car park of Findhorn. :) :)

I have two glass angels in my therapy room that were made there. :heart: