Dead Skin (Break Up Spread)


Dead Skin by Crossfade
>>Lyrics here<<

Just listened to this song for the first time today and I already feel the need to download it haha. Very dark, this song is about someone who's girlfriend left him because of the problems he had. He tries to change but he just can't seem to do it.

So basically this spread is going to cover being on the receiving end of a break up and what you need to know about it.

Card one; You. Card two; Your Ex
"Well I'm a bore and I'm sure I'm a thorn inside of you that has torn at you for years"
----These cards are just a mindset sort of overview. What are you thinking about this breakup? How's your ex feeling about it? Should you feel like you need to, feel free to pull two cards for each of you; a before and after the break.

Card three; Your Alcohol
"Phenobarbitol and alocohol these two surely will do To knock me out keep me down at least a day or two"
----This is the "why" of the break up. What about you pushed your partner away.

Card four; The Minute
"What a minute with you could do to put a smile on my face"
----What you miss the most, or what you want back so badly. This is what you feel you're missing now that the relationship is over.

Card five; Your Dead Skin
"I'm not sure where to begin why can't I begin again I can't get under my dead skin I can't shed my skin
----This is what you want so badly to change but can't. This is what you feel will fix your relationship. If you're stuck here check out card three for a hint.

Cards Six, Seven, and Eight- Advice. Pure n simple. :/


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