Dead to the World


Dead to the World by Nightwish
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I have always wanted to make an epic spread, so naturally I had to choose an epic song. This song is one I more or less have assigned to represent The Fool. It's about innocence and sin, beginning and ending, silence and music, all rolled into one in a set of lyrics that would look like nothing but oxymorons to a cursory eye. The journey in this song is very akin to the fool's journey and, in all honesty, I would not be surprised if it was the fool Tuomas Holpainen was thinking of when writing this.

Dead to the World Spread pt 1
This chunk of the spread just outlines the basis of your situation. Here I take lines literally and apply them in a more superficial manner. This part of the spread could be the only part you use, the second part will be optional as it will be or more length and much more indepth​

Card One; You. Card Two; Your current situation.
"All the same take me away. We're dead to the world"
----Card one just gives a passive glance at who are are as a person. Current situation is simply what's going on in your life at the moment

Cards Three, Four and Five; Your Past
"The child gave thought to the poet's world, Gave comfort to the Fallen(Heartfelt, lovelorn)"
----By past, I mean the major experiences that define who you are and how you've gotten to this point as a person.

Cards Six, Seven, and Eight; The rejection you have felt
"Remaining, yet still uninvited Those words scented my soul (Lonely soul, Ocean soul)"
----These cards aren't limited to rejection, but can also include things such as failures and heartbreak.

Cards Nine and Ten; What are you afraid of most in this life?
"It's not the monsters under your bed It is the Man next door
That makes you fear, makes you cry, Makes you cry for the child"

----These fears don't have to be things like bears or heights, but can be things like financial issues, betrayal, etc.

Cards Eleven and Twelve; What do you hope to achieve?
"I don't want to die a scarless man A lonely soul"
----These cards may be tricky, becuase they will be what you want to achieve, not what you THINK you want to achieve.


Dead to the World Spread pt 2
This is where I'm going to deviate form my usual spread template. Instead of assigning the cards to their lyrics I'm just going to assign them to ideas in general. I tend to pretty much suck at communicating ideas so if anything trips you up, don't hesitate to ask questions or spew profanities in frustration.
I will be providing examples in the upcoming sections so you can better see what I'm talking about. Necronomicon deck, no reversals.​

Innocence vs. Sin
Draw nine cards. Three for your days of innocence, three for your days of sin, and three for their interaction. The interaction expresses the idea of how your sin returns you to innocence, and innocence turns to sin. This will be ENTIRELY different for each person who does it. One may have cards showing unpure actions in order to support a pure cause, or yet another may have cards expressing naivety (innocence) towards self destructive habits (sin) There is no set way to describe the final trio because it will mean something different to each person.
ex. Innocence- Six of Cups, Knave of Disks, Empress. I'm giving, curious, and caring. I usually give with no thoughts of anything in return, if you give me an oppurtunity to learn something new I'll nine times out of ten go for it, and having nine siblings and volunteering at a day care you can say I'm good with kids.
Sin-Six of Disks, Five of Wands, Strength. Six of disks in this deck depicts a business transaction, and I can say I'm an extortionist. I'm well versed in many ideas of business and I'll admit I've blackmailed plenty enough. Five of wands is abuse of power, and when I lose my temper I have no problem with doing so, even more supported by the Strength card.
Interaction- Queen of Cups, Nine of Disks, Justice. I'm calm and centered most of the time (QC) and if I have a goal (especially financially) I get it done by whatever means (nine of disks.) Justice most likely refers to my abuse of power, for I only do it when I feel wronged or when I feel my means are justified.

Silence vs. Music
Same idea applies. Nine cards, three for silence, three for music, three for interaction. Silence is representative of a lack of expressing oneself, and of following. Music is more expressing your individuality, your wants, your needs. To be silent is to be unsure of yourself or to be uncormfortable in who you are, while music is speaking out regardless of what you feel.
Examples for the third trio will probably be trickier. This could be misdirected expression, an internal battle, whatever seems to fit your cards and more importantly your gut.
ex Silence- Seven of Disks, Three of Wands, Knave of Swords. I hate confrontations. I usually keep to myself when somethings wrong is basically what these cards seem to be saying. I prefer to take care of things myself quietly rather than seek outside help or start a scene.
Music- Queen of Disks, Four of Cups, World. I'm outspoken about my art (QD is making something in this card.) Four of cups in this deck is one of refusing drink, and to be literal I am very outspoken about my refusal to partake in drugs, cigarettes, booze or what have you. I'm also quite outspoken about some of my more negative experiences in life, though not to those who have caused it. World can be taken literally as well, I'm outspoken about world issues. I'll talk to nearly anyone who will listen.
Interaction- Ace of Cups, Three of Swords, King of Swords (Does this combo sound emo to you?) I'm emotional (ace of cups) but it only shows itself when it gets bottled up to dangerous levels. My silence towards those who have wronged me just creates a lot more pain than necessary (3s) though I manage to maintain the appearance of being in control (KingS)

Of Monsters and Men
These five cards will illustrate the blurs your mind makes between your real fears, and your delusional ones. Two cards for your worries, so to speak, and two cards for what is only paranoia. The extra card is the link between the two types of fear. This can be an experience, an emotion, a person, or whatever applies.
ex. Worries- Knight of Cups and Nine of Cups. These are both strong cards of emotional contentment. In my case I am really afraid of becoming comfortable. When I'm comfortable I let my gaurd down which, due to past experiences, is a "no-no" to me.
Paranoia- Four of Swords and Knave of Cups. Let's take this literally, the first card depicts people carrying a dead comrade, and the knave of cups tends to represent messengers. I'm paranoid about things like that. Everytime a friend of mine has died I've been informed over the phone. Has happened more often than I like to admit.
The Link- Two of Swords. In this deck this is a card of passion. NOTHING comes between me and my friends, and I care for them deeply, but it's when I tend to let my guard down or get too attached (worries) that I lose those closest to me (Paranoia)

Dead to the World
Three cards. Together they signify what you mean in this life. In the song the speaker more or less goes to war in order to fight for what he believes in. Though he may be dead to the world he still means so much to the ones he loves. These cards should signify what you mean to others. No example needed here I don't think.


As he died, he will return to die in me again
Weaving the cloth, giving birth to the Century Child
Who gave his life not for the world but for me
Innocence reborn once more

If using both halves of this spread, place pt2 directly below pt1.

----Like I said, super long spread, most positions having more than one card to them, but that tends to be how I read and it just felt right. Lemme know what you think. I plan on actually doing a reading with this one sometime and I'll let you know how it goes.
----Oh and if anyone cares, final card count is 40.