Death as chances of success


Hello all, I just pulled a few cards regarding a potential house move, normally I'm pretty confident in my readings but as it's a major life thing I'd like a second opinion for objectivity purposes.

I drew as follows:

1 - what my current house means to me - Two of Wands
2 - what the house I am interested in means to me - Four of Swords
3 - the chance of success in getting the house - Death
4 - what I need to know - Four of Pentacles

My impression is that my current house is no longer where I want to stay and I'm actively planning to move - I'm ready to move on.

4S is interesting, I do indeed hope that it would be a more relaxing place to live, but 4S feels more like enforced rest. I also wondered if it might indicate a period of waiting before I can buy it.

We come to Death. To my gut, it feels like the move will be successful because big change is coming. However, my usual interpretation would be more negative, so I'm not sure. I'd really be interested in other people's take on this.

And finally, 4P. This house is really at the outer edge of what I can afford. The card seems to be telling me that I'm going to have to penny pinch if I'm successful.

However, combined with the other cards and a negative reading of Death, I wonder if it indicates that it's not going to work out right now (Death), I need to spend more time planning (2W) and I should concentrate on building my savings (4P) for a while (4S).

I wonder if anyone could let me know which way they'd be inclined to lean on this reading, please? Thanks!


2W ‒ As you say, you're ready to move but haven't done so yet.

4S ‒ A new house would mean relief from the considerable problems associated with where you're living now.

Death ‒ You will not "succeed" in buying the house; that is, it will not be a purchase you'll be glad you made (see below).

4P ‒ Keep your money; save it for a better opportunity. Don't let your desire to move prevent you from seeing the problems with buying the house you're interested in. One possibility: if the house is at the high end of your budget, be wary of over-extending yourself.