Death as how someone sees me, but his feelings for me are The Sun?


Background: he and I haven't talked for years up until just this past March. Initially it was an awkward start between us. We had to talk things out because there were some past issues that needed explanations. That's been over and done with. After some time he revealed to me that he still has romantic emotions for me. Well it got complicated because my most recent ex came between us by answering his phone call on my phone when I left the room. At that time I was trying to make peace with that ex, but he took it upon himself to try and ruin things between Ryan (the guy who's come back into my life) and I. Well it worked for a bit until I told my most recent ex to man up and tell Ryan the truth. He messaged Ryan off of Facebook and apologized for the drama and lying about us still being together. Well after all that Ryan apologized to me for not believing me, that he's been down a lot lately, and he's been partying a lot. He and I both just got out of awful long term relationships. We are both healing.

To me, I see the Death card as him seeing me as a person who has changed greatly. As in I have grown up and became a much more open person. Considering how I have handled the whole situation, and given I wasn't being shady like my most recent ex had claimed, I'm hoping it's a good change he sees. When he (Ryan) told me how he was feeling down I responded in a very compassionate, understanding, and loving manner. So I'm really hoping he doesn't see me as a disaster on legs or someone to avoid. (All of the cards were very positive in the spread) OH! Also he knows I'm Pagan and I use many different forms of divination. Maybe he also sees me as kinda "witchy" or "gothic"? It's very possible.

For his feelings being the Sun, maybe he's had a big "AHA!" moment about me. Whatever he is feeling about me is crystal clear to him now. I can feel the warmth from the card. So, I can assume the feelings he does have for me are at the least warm. Can the sun in this position conclude to X loving Y? I love the sun in this position, it makes me happy to see it in readings in regards to another's emotions. It's just hard to pin down exactly what X is feeling for Y. The only thing I can think of is that he feels safe with me. Come to think of it, I can see love in this card. Maybe the feelings he's having are very intense and it's even hard for him to label it?


I'm sort of confused here. So Ryan is the one you're interested in having an ongoing romantic relationship with? And X is the guy who tried to ruin it between you and Ryan? And now you're wondering how Ryan is seeing you in light of all that's happened? Or are you wondering how X is seeing you after all this?

If you're asking how Ryan is seeing you now and the Death and Sun were drawn, I think he's understanding that X is not in your life in a committed way anymore (Death) and that everything is happy and sunny for the future for the two of you to carry on getting to whatever comes next with the two of you. (Sun)

If I've misunderstood what you're asking, feel free to disregard. LOL


I'm sorry Grizzabella! No I don't care to know about my most recent ex at all. He's a totally turd lol. These questions were only about Ryan.