Deck ID help!


Hello! Is anyone familiar with the deck pictured in this magazine, the one on the right-hand side?


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I believe I already answered this before. Just let me look for it for a bit, RavenOfSummer.


HERE is a thread in these forums that discussed the deck. It's weird, but the pic in the magazine is fully-colored, but those in the video of the actual deck (as can be seen in the linked thread) is only available in scarlet and sepia.


Oh goodness, I seem to be flooding this thread. I shall aggregate all the other research I found in this post, as well as some nuggets I posted a few months ago.

This is a Tarot deck created by the Russian illustrator Vera Petruk, who uses the alias Samiramay. You can find individual illustrations of the cards in her deviantart, artstation, shutterstock, and other accounts, just google "vera petruk tarot".

In Shutterstock, you can see each Tarot card in black and white; scarlet, black and cream, and fully colored. Check the following gallery out, where you can click on the thumbnails to see card image in full detail:

Vera Petruk Tarot Shutterstock Set

In her Creative Market page, you can see previews for all the cards in the entire deck. There you can also purchase high res images for each card (sold per set). Here are the preview links for the 78 cards:

Major Arcana

Swords Suit

Wands Suit

Cups Suit

Pentacles Suit

So yeah, full-colored illustrations like the one used in the magazine pic you provided were created by Ms. Petruk. Tarrocco Studios got the scarlet and cream versions of the Majors, the Court Cards, and the Aces from Petruk's deck, then perhaps commissioned another artist to create complementing pip designs because the Petruk pips were definitely not used.The result of that was The Old Memories Tarot.

Btw I use Golden Dawn correspondences, and I find the astrological attributions used in the majors pretty interesting. I just hope there was some short text that explains her rationale for them. The simple numerical pips for the Minor Arcana in her actual deck doesnt show the GD planetary/zodiacal attribution either (like Sun in Virgo for the 8 of Pentacles, etc). The attributions in The Old Memories Tarot are not GD-compliant either. In any case it looks like a very warm and charming deck.

I don't think she formally named this Tarot deck, I mean, other than The Old Memories Tarot a producer chose as the name for his edition of her art. She did name her new, very recent deck, the Fantasy Mystic Tarot.

Hope that helped.


Wow, thanks so much EmpyreanKnight, and great detective work!! That is fascinating about the different versions available from the same base illustrations. I really love the full color version so am going to look into that! Thanks again!! :love:


Don't worry about the flooding - it's fascinating stuff.