DECK ID Please.


ahclem said:
It is the Tarocchi Dei Labirinto by Tomomi Sakuba. I was lucky enough to get a copy of it last year and it is just incredible. You can see my report on it (including a link to the artist's site with all the cards) link removed by moderator here.

It's just amazing. Go for it!
GO for it!!!! Did you???


Oops. Sorry for the FAQ violation. Anyway, more cards can be seen at the artist's web site. Due to the site's structure, I can't link directly to the cards, but here's how to find them:

1. After following the link above, click on the third little circle from the top at the far left, ("PUBLICATION" appears at the top).

2. That causes five little circles to appear on the right. Click the middle one ("Tarocchi Dei Labirinto" appears at the top).

3. Click on the title that appears in the middle.

4. Click on the red box.

5. Click on the first card (actually the card back) and then continue to additional cards.

You can see its packaging and get some idea of its size here.

Anam Cara

Wow, these are beautiful!
I especially love the Moon card!

:heart: Cara


Thanks a lot, ahclem! Now I know the identification of the deck, and learned a little about the creator.

Sorry friends. I cancell my words "I'll hold another giveaway". If I can win the deck, it shall stay in my room forever! :D


Ohhh - aren't they gorgeous?? Thank you ahclem - it's good to have an impossible dream :)


Glad you got the information you wanted.


That is a nice deck. And although I may be a whiz at black&white decks, I didn't know this one. Fortunally, Ahclem knows it. Of course, now I want one too! Go for it, Roppo!


OOOhhh.... that is a really nice deck. The art is fantastic!


That is a gorgeous deck! The detail is incredible.


Well, friends. I lost. A determined opponent appeared and bid. The deck started at 1000yen and finished at 10,500yen (about $120). I feel the opponent was ready to bid up to 20,000yen and it's beyond my budget.

Anyway thank you very much for the info about the deck.

I'm now going back to my good ol' RWS world! :D