Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 304 : May 27 - June 2


I'll just have to try again next week with something else... :(


I'll just have to try again next week with something else... :(
Oh no! What happened? 😔

Yes, you must join next week with something else if this week is a write off. It happens. I did very badly indeed with Ancestral Path last week. This week with Ancient Egyptian isn't going exactly swimmingly. I've borrowed the book from DDwarks, which I shall have to send back to her very soon, so trying to digest / note the contents and have barely looked at the cards!

There is always another week :) :)

Scarlet Woodland

Aw thanks Carojulie. I adore trees and plants ☺ The love can be somewhat unrequited if I try and bring them indoors, but I am indeed a tree hugger. I can certainly mesmerise the other half, Kaa style, with my eyes... not so much the general populace but I'll give it a go ;) The smells like roses had me stumped for a while till I remembered the drawer liners in my clothes chest are rose scented, so my clothes are all faintly rosey.

Right there with you Luxa, as came down with some nasty, norovirus thing last night. Here's hoping it doesn't last through tomorrow too. Ack.

page of ghosts

For my deck, what can be said about the RWS that hasn't been said before?

It's a deck that I thought I wouldn't like if I was to actually get it, so I aquired quite a few clones or closely inspired decks before I got the real thing. My plan was to get the commomorative set but then in a regular bookshop was a copy of The Original Rider-Waite (something you don't see very rarely, if ever, in my town) so I decided to get that one since it was so easily available. Normally I have to waite for up to 2 weeks when I order online so getting something from an irl shop is a luxury. I don't even know if there are any shops in town who sell tarot decks.

I'm surprised by how much I like it. It's not the most beautiful deck, not the most diverse or exciting, but it has a mood and style to it that I really enjoy. The art kind of reminds me of comic book art and I love the muted colours in this edition of it. The regular USG edition with the plaid backs in the yellow box is not something I feel like I wanna have. Not yet at least. It pulls some interesting and direct cards - I had kind of a wild idea about the 7 of cups, my stalker for a while, and the page of cups whom I strongly relate to and pulled on Tuesday. I'll have to put it in my journal.

The only thing I don't like is that this is a kind of blurry, thick lined RWS. It's because it's one of the other Pam's, as in the early printings of it were of course Pam A, B, C, D... don't remember which one this is but it's a fachsimile of one that isn't the most used one and so the line art is a little bit different. Normally I'm not too bothered by it but for some cards it gets difficult to see what's what. Especially the King of Pentacles bothers me a lot! He is so dark and it's almost impossible to make out any symbols in the card. So I think I will have to look at some videos and see if there isn't another version of it that's a little less blurry. I've been thinking of the Pamela deck in the tin as it's also a more muted deck and I prefer her art to all the others like the Universal, but I like the look of the trimmed Radiant actually. Time will show, but in the meantime I really like working with this deck :D


Thank you so much for hosting these DotW threads for us VG! These have been great for me as I'm getting back in to Tarot after my "hiatus". You're the best!

You are all welcome for the threads - I love doing it, and giving something back to the AT community because I've gained so much here. :D

VGimlet - Five of Wheels
You are a loyal friend and will stick to your pals in the face of adversity, you have a warm way of offering your support which will always cheer up the atmosphere. You have beautiful long lashes.

Enjoy ! And tell me what you think, if you feel like sharing !

Thanks Carojulie - it's been a busy week and ugh - not so fun! But your reading was accurate - I am loyal, in fact adversity will make me step up even more because I always support my friends, and stick up for them if things are tough. Something interesting - a couple of people at work talked to me today about having me do few possible voice-overs, because my voice apparently comes across as welcoming and enthusiastic. I was/am very flattered. I don't if it will go anywhere, but it matched your reading - which was amazing. So who knows? Unfortunately I don't have long lashes, I wish I did - but I've been told I have twinkly eyes. I think it makes me sound like St. Nicholas. So close on the last one - something to do with eyes. I think I'd prefer long lashes...heh.


The new thread for the week is now posted here.

It's nearly midsummer!


Hello everybody, thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback ! I appreciate it a big lot :) I am glad you enjoyed the game, and I am happy to see that in most cases I was so close to reality ! I was not expecting that, I am happy :)

This week I had chosen three decks, and I ended up working mostly with one, the Sacred Bridges. The Bohemian Gothic is still one of my most favourite decks, I have a special attachment to it because it was my first real tarot deck purchase, a deck just for me, just for reading tarot, so I am vey attached to it, but this week I only spend a short moment looking through the cards and that was it.
I think the message is that I have no time enough for working through three decks at the same time, so I will try to be more reasonable in the future, and chose only one tarot deck per week, with maybe, from time to time, either an oracle or lenormand added for good measure. But I'll try not to pick up more decks than I can chew !

I'll meet you all in the new thread ! Happy weekend !

This is a really cool exercise. Right now I'm feeling the pressure of a family member being hospitalized (They're doing well, so no worries) still it feels very strange and a little sad without their presence in the house and of course I'm feeling the pressure of taking over the responsibilities that they used to handle when other family members were in the hospital (Checking in on them, speaking with nurses, doctors etc.) But I refuse to let it affect me, my routine, and the things I need to get done. I so badly wished to take some time off from work to focus on taking it easy, and while I could, I dragged myself out of bed this morning because I believe in putting one foot in front of the other no matter how hard things get.

This really resonated with me Carojulie! And of course I do find my shape to be something flattering about my body :D
DaughterOfDanu, I am so sorry to hear about your loved one being in hospital. I hope they are well and will be able to come home soon, and I hope you have support and help to cope in between. It's difficult to find yourself alone in the house when your loved one is ill at the hospital, it is sad and ery stressful at the same time, to have to endorse alone the family routine while fitting in your schedule all sorts of new urgent things and being worried at the same time. I send you courage !

Carojulie, what a lovely idea, thank you so much for the reading!!

I have to say, i was ill yesterday with 24 hour bug, so I couldn't reply, but i did read it and it brightened up my day :)

I can't believe you pulled the lovers for me - its my birth card! The loyalty aspect of the lovers is definitely something I embody, sometimes to a fault! And the angelic smile made me laugh - reminds me of photos where i have to pose, i always have a big cheesy smile. In general I'm quick to laugh and smile.

Thank you again!

I've been having fun with the green witch this week on my daily draws. Two days ago at night i pulled transformation, which is death, and i thought that's interesting, i hardly ever pull that card. The next day i was violently ill and felt like death. Today as I'm recovering i pull four of athames. Well, in the card the person rests under a tree, i'm just about to rest in the bath for as long as I can get away with :-D

Hope everyone's having a better week than me! :)

Hey Luxa, I hope the bug is gone for good ! I know these horrible bugs, I have them sometimes in my stomach, sometimes they only last for a few days, but they make you so violently sick that you feel like you are dying, it is really not fun at all ! I am sorry it ruined your week, I hope you are better and rested now ?

I'll just have to try again next week with something else... :(

Hi Morwenna, I hope next week's choice will give you more happiness !


Oh no! What happened? 😔

There is always another week :) :)

What happened was that 2 days into the week I went looking for my chosen deck, and couldn't find it. Then life happened. :(

Yep, there's always another week. And a few dozen more decks. :)



Had an interesting end to two weeks with my chosen deck. Last week was all majors, courts and cups. This week was five majors (Chariot twice) and Knight and Queen of Swords. This has been so fun! I look forward to doing more of this weekly deck work :)


RavenOfSummer - Chief of Wheels
You are an artist who has a knack for embelishing all aspects and objects of daily life, so that you always appear to be part of a work of art yourself. You have a sensual mouth.

Wow, thank you Carojulie, what a lovely surprise :) It's true I am an artistic soul and I love to be surrounded by beauty, so I do try to make things around me beautiful :)

I asked my husband if I have a sensual mouth, and his response was, "I like kissing you." :D so I guess that is a yes? :love: