Decks "going off"

Red Emma

I've noticed that when I use one deck exclusively for a while -- several weeks to several months; I'm not sure what it depends on -- it starts giving me answers that don't make sense. That is, the cards that I turn up don't relate at all to the question asked. It's something I've read about as well, and I've forgotten where. What I've done so far is to set that deck aside and use another for a while. At the moment all five of my decks are being problematical. I'm thinking of buying a couple of new ones, but I really shouldn't spend the money. Any suggestions?


Have you tried "cleansing" your cards? I know that works for some poeple. There is a post on how to do that in the Deck Forum I believe. Best of luck!

Love & Light,

Original Destiny

Hi All, Ive been using the same 2 decks for many years.Initially I had problems with the decks feeling "sticky" after a few readingsi I wrote to a popular magazine asking for advice.I was advised to let someone else give them a good shuffle.I was horrified at the Idea . I eventually found that if I alternated the decks when doing several readings say at a fair or festival then they remained "fresher" longer. I clean them only occasionally,I place my smoked quarts pendulum in the decks box till I need to use them again. Try cleaning them,you might have to try several methods befor you are happy with the result .You might find that you develop your own unique way to clean them in the end....