decks with character


I recently purchased the spiral tarot. ( Great deck by the way)
And i have noticed that it gives me advice in a different way.
It is less carefull and soft in it's answers than the other deck i use the Hanson Roberts.

What are your experiences with different decks?
Do the really have a character of there own besides different art work?

If so, when asking a question don't you get fore instance the opinion of the decks creator. Or is that a little far-fetched.



Yes, I do get different feelings from my decks. The ones I use are the Fantastical which I find to be very straightforward and even blunt, and the Robin Wood which is still very straightforward but somewhat more gentle with it's answers. If I want a very direct answer I will use the Fantastical but right now I'm usually with my Robin Wood deck.

Rhiannon :)


i do believe that the design and "consciousness" of a tarot deck reflects the the personality and attitudes of its creator. some ppl give you the facts gently and some don't. it would be really interesting to compare the impressions ppl get from various deck to the personality of its creator(s). i have this theory that we all tap into the universal mind but we all come out with different interpretations of what our experience there is. each tarot card is like a thought imprint from the mind of the creator(s). if this theory is in any way close then that would indicate that yes, not only are we tapping into universal archetypes but into an individual's personal interpretation of the those archetypes. :)

i know the impressions i get from my art nouveau are much gentler than what i get from the rohrig. but look at the art--that really says a lot by itself. the art nouveau is colorful,warm, cartoonish and romantic. the rohrig is modernistic, cooler, harder yet beautiful. it's very realistic in comparison to the AN and it's a different kind of beauty. the AN is very organized in it's story. the rohrig is more of a collage of modern imagery. some comforting/lovely to behold and some very unsettling. the differences are at an unconscious nonverbal level. even tho they have the same archetypal imagery. this brings out the point that some archetypal imagery is soft and some is not. it depends on the person who is tapping into it. i don't have a prob w/ any of the AN cards except possibly the 10 of swords. there are several in the rohrig that are unsettling but i find it a more realistic honest deck. it doesn't romantacize my probs like the AN.


i believe that anyway you look at it, an artist's art is an avenue to their soul. when an artist creates a tarot deck, a bit of their soul, or pehaps a reflection, resides in the deck. as such, each deck is a reflection of a different soul - and has a different character.

maan asks:
"Do the really have a character of there own besides different art work?"
i believe a major part of the differences in character is the artwork. but i don't believe one gets "the opinion of the decks creator", just the creators "language" - the message is essentially the same, the specific words or accent is different.

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Agree with Nexyjo--who expresses it so well & thoroughly :)


Thank you Nexy
That makes sence.

Some decks may have an accent i don't understand. Like talking french or something.

This question came up when i read a book about different divination methodes.
The author told that he worked with the lenormand cards and the I Ching.
And that the lenormand cards had some old fashion opinions about what to do because they where made by i woman who lived in a certain time.
For example when the cards where aksed about a divorce they made it clear that that's bad.

I think the tarot is less vulnerable for opinions because the achetypes are universal?


tiger lily

Really? What did the I ching say re: divorce? I mean its *ancient*! And I?m not making fun at you (I just reread my post and it "sounds" a bit sarcastic, but I didn?t mean to be), I really want to know.


hello Tigerlily

I don't know exactly what the I Ching oppinion was, but it wasn't strongly against.
I wil have to look it up to know fore sure



my morgan-greer gives me very straightforward, no-nonsense kinds of answers and perspectives.
my renaissance deck often reponds in a rather esoteric, almost cryptic manner of speaking--but still quite revealing.
my legend (arthurian) tarot speaks to me in my dreams...i do readings with it just before i sleep, and then the full message of the cards usually comes through by the time i wake up again.
the personalities of my decks definitely seems to parallel the art styles.


My 1JJ Swiss deck always used to give me either very negative readings or readings that made no sense but since changing to the Original R/W deck I've found this deck is very honest and so easy to work with - I wish I'd found it years ago - Strange thing is now I'm getting some real indepth mainly positive readings with my 1JJ Swiss deck, when I use it - which isn't very often now.