Decks You Wish You Hadn't Bought?

Golden Moon

Like evelon, who made the thread "Decks You Wish You Hadn't Sold?", I decided to open this one and see what people have to say:D.


ooh! Me First!

Deviant Moon. I found it ugly and creepy. Had to force myself to look through the whole deck. :p

Glass Owl

Two decks that I currently have in my collection that I wish that my hubby hadn't bought me are the Prediction and The Mythic 1st edition. As soon as I opened them, I realized that just weren't for me. I didn't have either one of these on my wish list, so I guess he just thought I would like them but they don't appeal to me. Sometimes I feel guilty about the fact that they are just sitting in my card cabinet collecting dust. For time to time I think about pulling them off of the shelf and trying to work with them but then I get distracted by another deck that is calling me.

The Oracle of Shadows and Light is on my birthday wishlist this year (the only deck that I put on it!) and I have this funny feeling that he's going to buy me a different deck, one that he thinks I will like but that I will be disappointed in.

Greg Stanton

Oswald Wirth, Lo Scarabeo Marseilles.

Every LS deck I buy I just end up hating, so I say away from them now.

With the exception of Dame Fortune's Wheel, which is an outstanding and historically important deck.


Ahhh, where to start? Old English; Kitty Kahane; the vampire thing by Natalie Hertz and that vampire thing that's mostly black/blue/grey, and some red. Why I buy these things I just don't know!

Golden Moon

For me, personaly... The Native American Tarot from US Games Inc. I, myself, Being of Native American descent after seeing the art felt an insulted:(. As well as the interpretations diden't make sence.

Open Arms

The Golden Tarot of Klimt.

I have looked through it but the images creep me out (and I don't creep out very easily).

It was one for the first decks I bought (came with another deck but I can't remember which one) otherwise I probably never would have bought it.



Yeah, right.
Like I'm really going to think that hard about anything.

And it's ugly and the star card is just creepy.


The Yoga tarot!
Speaking from the extremely complicated and twisted position of my head underneath my knees and my hands folded over my feet- contemplating the 3 of Swords. Which of course appeases my thought waves to how much power I have granted to my fears........
And the Gilded which is in someone's grateful hands.



Voyager Tarot :bugeyed:
Definitely a 'what the hell was I thinking?' deck purchase.