Definition of a Tarot Deck?

Mr. Sluagh

What, exactly, defines a Tarot deck? I know there's a point at which a deck stops being a Tarot and becomes an Oracle, but what is it? I think I've heard that some decks don't have numbers or even names on the cards, so I know that's not necessary. I'm pretty sure that you have to have 22 Majors which all somehow match up with the regular Majors. I'm also fairly certain that you have to have 46 Minors divided into four suits each of which at least loosely reflects one of the four elements and is divided into ten pips which depict different facets of the suit and four court cards which depict people who resemble the suit. My questions are as follows:

—I know that pips in some decks have names as well as numbers, but could they have no numbers, only names?

—Are gender associations in the court cards necessary?



In Talking Tarot, there's a thread called "Would this be a tarot deck?" If I knew how to put the link in, I would. Someone help, please?