Deirdre of Sorrows study group


OK, time to go for it.

I am going to start a study group on this, but with a bit of a difference. I see a lot of study groups start up and then fizzle out. There are only a few of us who own this deck, so the deck will have two purposes:

The usual study format (look at a card and note thoughts as they occur)

In addition I would like to see how it reads. In other words, if you would like to share your views on a particular card which came up in a reading, and how you may have seen things slightly differently through using this deck it would be worth sharing. What was the context, or position in the spread? Which of the symbols came into play, and how did you interpret them? Obviously if sharing this information it would be preferable to obtain permission of the querant first if there is any chance they could be identified from this infrmation (either for a private reading or if it was posted on a public domain).

This is a wonderful deck, and I think if both aspects were used in the study forum, it would be enlightening to all of us.



PS forgot to say how it could run (I am new to starting study groups :) )

I think each card should have its own thread. It is open to anyone to start one, and for the rest of us to add as we see fit. Good luck! :D