Deirdre of the Sorrows - 0 - The fool


WIth this deck, when I originally wrote my notes, I really did feel I needed to look at the minor details individually. They all had something to say, and if they were the focus of a reading, could add so much.

The first thing I noticed was the almost ballet like poise of the Fool. This indicates a sense of balance, and also an awareness of the body and how it can express itself. How the muscle and skeletal structure have the ability to display true elegance. The fool is expressing himself well, albeit we cannot see his facial expression. A sense of freedom is indicated.

The knife on his belt is interesting in as much it is hanging loose, and may appear to be rather dangerously carried. Could this get tangled between his legs once he has made his leap? For me this shows he is not really aware of dangers he could face and may take risks not realising there could be serious repercussions.

We can see he is not really giving much attention to his material possessions. Money may flow through his hands without as much as a thought. Also we see he is travelling light. Does this show carelessness, or a healthy attitude towards what is really important in life?

I have such a soft spot for small terriers! Great characters, very loyal and very intelligent. Usually we associate this wee one with a warning, but I am not sure here. His foot is raised in a way I associate with pleading or submission. Is he pleading for him to not jump or to take care? Or is he showing us he is aware he is his master’s servant and does not have the ability to make the leap himself? In this respect is the dog waving farewell with a doggie wave of his paw?

Mmmmm not often seen on cards, and certainly not on this card. Look at how it is positioned – right on the edge and facing our Fool who is totally oblivious to its presence. Again, does this show he is not aware of the danger? Does he choose to ignore it, or is he just so naïve he has not really registered its presence? The context or position in a spread could bring either aspect into play. The skull does not look threatening. We can also let our imaginations run a bit wild. How long has it been there? How did it get there? Where is the rest of it?

Our fool does not need illumination to see where he is going. He knows his mind, and also has the moonlight to follow. His inner light is more important than artificial light from the lantern. He has thrown away the keys on the chain which to me signify being tied down, or restricted. This takes me back to his poise – it is of freedom! Thus the circle has been been completed, taking into account all the symbols and attributes of this card. How many of us would love to be this Fool. To be able to shake off the chains of modern life and the stress it brings, and just experience life with total joy and freedom.