Deirdre of the Sorrows - 1 - Magician


Here we have the next stage of the Fool’s journey through life. He appears to have experienced more than a few years judging by the lines on his face, but what does this tell us about his journey? Have the experiences been ones of learning leading to wisdom and understanding? Or has he faced and dealt with hard times? The area behind him and shows many flowers of varying colours in full bloom. Yet the plant around the pillars indicate a different species.

On the table in front of him we see the Aces of the 4 suits on show, each facing away from our Magician. This means they are there for your benefit, and as such should be read by you. What is he trying to tell us through these cards? Note how he is not looking at the cards, but is looking directly at YOU. He really wants to pass this information or guidance to you as he is aware it is very relevant at this moment in time. Are you drawn to his eyes and face or the cards he has in front of him? Which of the cards do you feel is most relevant to you at the moment? He is the master of all the suits, and by having the aces present may show the journey is about to begin for you. However he is there to indicate you have all the skills at your disposal to increase your chance of succeeding on this journey or path. Note how his hands are openly on show with fingers spread out. He has nothing to hide. Yes he is the Magician, but he is not necessarily here to create a sense of illusion or trickery. So, what do you think is indicated by his nightcap? It does not really fit with the rest of his attire. Has he been up during the night? Does he find that is when he is at his most creative? There is an air of silence with this card. He does not need to speak – the information is there in front of you in the form of the cards. They say all that is needed to be said for now. Other cards will in their own way add more by way of relevant information.


Sometimes we need to wait for a card to appear in a reading to really feel the energy and direction. We need a context. I did have this show an interesting side and the section of the reading it appeared is here:

In a reading:
The card position was “what is on your mind at the moment”. The reading had an overall feeling of having low energy, and when I came to this card I actually felt the querant did not have the heart or drive to really tackle any changes head on. There was a feeling of fatigue or tiredness (taking into account the lined face and nightcap). They felt as though they were not in the position to control and would have been happy for someone else to take this role. They would have been more than capable of succeeding, but there was no will or self belief. They had seen the aces on the cards, but had turned them away as if silently willing somebody else to acknowledge their message or energy.
In a lot of decks this would have been a possible scenario for a reversed card but in this deck that came across even from the upright position. When looking at this card in isolation, this would not be your first instinct, but when read as part of a spread with this particular issue under the spotlight, it did appear very apt at the time.

I hope this helps anyone who has a head scratching moment with regards this Magician :)