Deirdre of the Sorrows - 10 - Wheel of Fortune


This is one card that can readily be identified with in general terms. Fate is playing a hand and things may be about to change. You may not have as much control over this as you would like, but don’t forget – the wheel does not stay in one position forever, so if you think things are not going as well as you would like, there will be a time where the wheel will turn in your favour again. If it has been a bit of a rocky road to this point, take heart that you may be turning the corner so to speak.

In this deck we see quite a few characters, but there is one central character – a blindfolded woman wearing a long wrap-around dress. At her feet we see two serpents, and from the position of their bodies it can be deduced they are moving away from her. Is she aware of these serpents bearing in mind she is blindfolded? I belief she is. I also believe she knows if she stands still and does not startle them, they will move away without hurting her. Again, this does support the message of this card – action is not needed or desired on your part, yet if you wait a while, things will change, possibly for the better. In this case the change is in the form of the serpents moving away. This standing still on her part may go against her natural instincts when faced with a potential threat, but by making no movement, she will allow the wheel to turn in her favour.

The two shadowed figures are on either side of the wheel. One is on the downwards cycle of the wheel, and it looks as though he is falling. Does this indicate the wheel has turned against him for now? If we look closely we will see he will not actually fall off. Therefore any feeling of facing a total loss may be short lived. Once the wheel turns a little more he may find he can regain a sense of control. This will show that regardless of how bad things may seem, you will not be faced with total disaster. The wheel is cyclical – not linear. There is always going to be the opportunity to find yourself on the up end of the curve, albeit you may not feel at the time that this is going to be possible.
We can compare his fortunes to that of the other character. He has come round / through a difficult time and is now reaching out for something that is within his grasp. His position on the wheel is much more positive. What is it you could be reaching for right now? If it is slightly out of reach what is needed to bring it within your reach? Is it just a case of waiting for the right time, or do you now need to take that step for yourself in a more proactive way? If action is needed, do you think the wheel will offer you purchase if you try to take that step?

My first reaction when seeing the head on the top of the Wheel was that of Anbis. There has been a lot written about the significance of Anubis in Egyptian mythology. What does the presence of the Anubis signify to you?

How it related in an early reading, where the main focus was the person holding the wheel:

This card once appeared when looking somebody’s fears with a situation they were facing. I read it that they were either resistant to, or did not like to acknowledge change. They had their arms outstretched and holding onto the wheel. It was as if they were trying to stop it from moving, thus preventing change from taking place. They were blind to the consequences of this action, and were also blind to the opportunities they could be met with if they accepted and embraced change instead of resisting it.