Deirdre of the Sorrows - 8 - Strength


Deirdre has conveyed the associated meaning with this card with eloquence in her book, and I would be doing a disservice if I tried to add anything different. Certainly we are reminded how we can call on inner strength to deal with a given situation, and in this respect it could indicate all is not lost. Sometimes that is easier said than done. It is when we feel our back is against the wall we believe we have no will or strength to continue. Sometimes calling on our strength from within is just to difficult or draining, but this card shows it is possible to do this without utilising energy we feel we just don’t have. It is a case of having that belief that we can overcome or prevail. After all, in real terms there is no way a woman (or man for that matter) would be able to subdue a lion in this way, but it shows if we do retain a sense of self belief, anything is possible.

I do like to see how a card would read from the viewpoint of all characters portrayed, and in this case it would be worth seeing things from the lion’s point of view. When we do this, we may see things very differently and our interpretation may shift away from the norm. Do we see an issue indicating submission may be needed? Does it show you need to hold back and not use the power you know you have in abundance? After all, this lion could easily crush her hand but has chosen not to do so. I have seen this shift of energy in two readings which I share in the following post. I hope they help with additional understandings or thoughts that can be attributed to this card.


So, how did it come across in a reading?

On one occasion I was led to definitely read the card from the point of the view of the lion. This was showing me how the querant felt at that moment in time, and the over riding emotion was that of losing a battle of wills. They wanted to roar straight back but their spirit had been dampened. They were still able to stand tall and proud but it did belie they felt broken spiritually and emotionally.

Another time this card appeared was when answering the question of “What do you bring to your relationship”. My first instinct was to read it from the viewpoint of the woman with a comment of “You are no quitter!” She had stuck to her plans, even when it was proving difficult and eventually the other party acquiesced. Certainly the action of the lion was unexpected and this did support the thought that there had been a shift in the control of the relationship, albeit in a subtle way. However, the lion should not be underestimated. At some stage, he may well realise he too has inner strength to call on! Should that happen we would see the harmonies reversed.