Deirdre of the Sorrows - Ace of Coins


Here we see an illustrated ace card. We are aware of the new beginnings it advises us of, and that is clear with the actions of the male figure who is central to the card.

He has tilled the earth up to a certain point and is now sewing the seeds. The sundial to one side of him may give a clue as to the timing of his actions. My first thought when I saw the unfinished house, and the half tilled ground was that he was good at starting projects, but may never follow through to completion. In other words, lots of good ideas and good intent, but they never quite come to fruition. He would always be finding something else that would seem a good idea at the time, but energies and focus would fizzle out. Then I saw the sundial and had a rethink. Timing is so important when involved in the cultivation of crops. Sew them too early and you run the risk of frost killing off the germinating seeds. Leave it too late and you run the risk of losing out on the best weather at the growing stage. He is aware of this, and the sundial may be a subtle hint that he has to plant the seeds now if he is to get the full benefit of his efforts. So we are aware there could be two aspects to this card: either failure to follow through with projects, or starting a project at the right time where it is likely to produce the most benefit in the long run. He has done the groundwork, which may have been arduous, but the pay off could be more than worthwhile. Remember this is only the start of something – there could be many more steps to take before the end result can be seen in all its glory.

The figure in the disc could be classed as a cherub. He certainly has a smiling face as he sits relaxed and cross legged. He has a bow in front of him and 3 arrows in a small bowl to the side of him. The bowl has the Roman numeral X shown. Could this be a reminder of a card from the Major Arcana showing this symbol? If so, what could it symbolise and why? What is the significance of the cherub? The bow and arrows? What do you suppose he is thinking as he watches the farmer? We see some cogs above his head, some of them displaying different monetary signs (Euro, dollar, pound etc). I believe this shows that his crops may be of benefit not just to him, but to a global community. It is possible the grain is to be sold overseas, thus bringing sustenance to others. The interlocking cogs are of interest. If one moves, it will create an opposite movement on its neighbouring cog, and so on. To this effect I see the farmer as being a cog in his own right. As an arable farmer he is playing a very important role in feeding many, many people. He is aware of this, but for now is focussed on doing what is necessary to ensure he gives his crop the best chance of germinating and growing. Can you associate with this farmer? Is there something you either want to do or feel the need to do? If so, what steps should you be taking now as you begin this process? How important is the aspect of timing for you? What delays could you foresee that need to be dealt with now so as clear the way ahead? If take note of the monetary signs, there is a chance that if you follow through, there could be financial reward or gain. However, it will not happen unless you do something to start working towards it.

As stated previously, it could indicate somebody who starts projects but doesn’t follow through. However, this card should where possible be seen as positive. In this case, it could show that he has wisely used the money he has earned from his farming and is in the process of building a house. It is a process that is obviously taking time and may be going up in stages. Each time he sells some of his produce, he can complete the next stage of the building. Who knows – once he has sold this particular crop, he may have raised enough money to complete the build. Therefore this can also show a wise investment where new beginnings can take shape. A wise re-investment.