Deirdre of the Sorrows - Ace of Wands


Deirdre has chosen to begin the journey through her tarot deck with the wands instead of the Major Arcana cards, as shown in most books. This pleasant surprise is a sign of what is to come – many unique insights as the cards reveal themselves one by one.

The foreground sheep is the most prominent in the picture. Here we see a young lamb barely tall enough to see over the long grass. This as Deirdre has said, is an indication of new beginnings. The elderly ram behind him, watches intently, monitoring his progress and growth. He is keeping his distance, but we can assume he will challenge anything or anyone that dares to interfere with the progress being made by the lamb. Those horns will certainly make the intruder aware that his presence is not welcome.
This change indicated may well be inevitable, and if it does reflect a new opportunity or new beginning, look to see how that can be embraced, particularly when you consider how quickly lambs grow. As spring turns into summer then autumn, it is not as easy to identify the new-borns as they gradually resemble their parents and older siblings in appearance. Therefore the moment should be captured and valued for what it is/what it represents. There is strength of character to really follow through, and to make the most of the opportunity as it unfolds. The builders initially responsible for the fortification would have felt they had an uphill battle in order to complete the build. Carrying the stone etc up a steep hill would have been back-breakingly difficult, yet they persevered and came through. They overcame the odds and were successful.
Therefore there is an acceptance the going may not always be easy, but if you keep a hold onto your self-belief and determination, you may well be surprised at what could result.

If the wind turbine is operating, it signifies that there is an indication of energy or activity at play. It is up to you to decide whether you see the wind as being behind you or against you. (Other cards may also indicate how this could alter the energy of the card or overall reading). If behind you, you may find the task is completed quicker than was anticipated, or that you have been supported in a way not apparent to you. If you feel the wind is against you, it may indicate delays but certainly the overall message of the card is of success, so do not give up hope.