Deirdre of the Sorrows - Eight of Swords


This is possibly the second card in the suit after the 3 which indicates a sense of despair or despondency. Deirdre has indicated this is a cell, but has also led us to believe it is a cell of his own making. The only colour we see in the card is that of the bird. The bird certainly does remind us that it is possible to escape from our confines or mental bars. However, the main character here gives the impression he has given up hope. He is sitting huddled in a corner to one side of a table. He really could not squirrel himself away any further could he?
Whereas it is possible to have sympathy with the characters from the 3 of swords, when this card appears we really must consider giving ourselves the proverbial kick up the backside. If we continue to wallow in self pity, we cannot expect others to stick around with us in the long term. It really is down to us to look up at the bird and take flight in some way. I do acknowledge this is sometimes easier said than done. When we are rock bottom we really can lose any objectivity or the will to be positive. If there is a glimmer of hope though, it is worth following through – who knows that glimmer could turn into something bigger and brighter if we are willing to take that chance. Instead of looking into the dark shadows, take a look up and absorb the vibrancy of the bird.

There are some interesting artefacts on the table which can add further insights.
The bible could offer some words of comfort or guidance. It is not as if he is busy doing anything else, so why not open it and read a few pages?
If guided by his higher energies he will be drawn to the most appropriate chapter for his current predicament. What does the gavel signify? We usually associate these with courtroom judges or auctioneers. Which do you think applies and why? If neither really come to mind as being significant, could the gavel be there to get his attention, and thus pull him out of the despair he is feeling and refocus his attention on the here and now?
The stethoscope is an unusual object, so its presence here should not be ignored. He may have lost contact with who he is within – his heart and soul. Could this be there to remind him that he is very much alive in body, and therefore in spirit? That he has a vital life force through a beating heart, therefore only his will has died for now?

There are two more books on the floor, on with a capital Y on the cover, the other with a capital S on the cover. What do they signify, and why are they on the floor instead of the table?