Deirdre of the Sorrows - Five of Coins


Usually this card brings about a stark meaning of hardship. Certainly when looking at this with a financial concern, it does show that we may have to tighten the money belt so to speak. If we look back at how the 4 of coins is traditionally portrayed in many decks, we can understand why there was an indication of being frugal for a while. A sensible approach in the lead up may negate some of the effects of this card.
In this card we see a bare-footed woman walking down a path away from a house, her body bent over as she tries to battle against the strong wind. We can see her hair and dress are blown back behind her, so the wind is quite powerful. Under her arm we see a book being held tightly to her body. Her eyes appear to be closed, her free hand held to her chest. Everything about this card in the main shows difficulties of sorts. If the wind was not enough we even have very stormy skies and a stormy sea behind the house she has come from. Why on earth would she want to venture out on such a miserable day, particularly bare-footed? What could cause her to leave the comforts of her home at this moment in time? Whatever it is, must be quite important, or cannot wait until the storm has cleared.

This card certainly could tell many stories, but my initial thoughts are as follows:
The fact she is barefoot is significant. The ground may well be wet or stony. However she is on a spiritual path or journey, and knows she must endure whatever terrain she finds herself on. By being shoe-free, she will be able to truly feel the energies of the earth below her, even if at times those energies are sharp or rough. Due to the fact she has her eyes closed and has her hand close to her chest/heart chakra, I really do feel she has turned within and may not even be aware of the wind or cold around her. She has chosen this path and is preparing herself for the challenges or lessons ahead. However, Deirdre has hinted that she may be turned towards the past and may have issues from that part of her life to deal with. It is interesting to note that the bottom left coin holds a book and a cross, possibly signifying a holy or spiritual book. If associated with forms of healing, could it show that some past life healing could be beneficial?

With regards the house, it could show that there is something there which can provide stability or comfort, and that things are not as bad as you perceive. You may need to just hold on to what you have for now, and wait for the difficult time to pass before venturing out. The house is almost protected by some trees. Yet another subtle reminder that there is some solace and protection from what is happening. However I am under no illusion here – you may have to leave this comfort zone and brave the elements. If you do, the going may not be easy for you.

The book and cross I have already given a possible meaning to. They are spiritual in symbolism, and underline what Deirdre has already stated – the hardship or journey is more spiritual in nature than material or physical.
The other symbols are a little more difficult to interpret, and may well come into play when other cards make the whole issue clearer. The red rose for example, could show that you need to follow your hearts desire. Is this what the woman is doing? The empty bowl and food may show times are tough, and that you may need to concentrate on ensuring the necessities of life are provided. The need to cut away anything that could be classed as a luxury until such time your situation changes.

Interestingly, I had a thought as to how this could apply to somebody who was concerned regarding a weight issue. Could the fact they are walking away show they need to look at their past (possibly their childhood) as to why they have gained excessive weight? The need to look within on a psychological or spiritual level? Could the rose show they need to turn away from what has provided comfort by way of inappropriate food choices? In other words, give up what has been their hearts desire for so long? The empty bowl and presence of nutritional food in the form of the bread and chicken may show they need to change their habits. This will not be easy for them, and they may find it feels an ‘uphill battle’ but by enduring such hardship and turning their focus within instead of on what provides a false sense of comfort, they may succeed.

Interestingly one of the coins is blank. I believe this is there for us to picture for ourselves what could be included as a relevant symbol. If you were to become this woman, whereby you closed your eyes and turned your focus inwards on a subconscious or spiritual level, what item could include which symbolises a difficult time you are experiencing?


Continuing my exploration of the deck with a daily card. This is my card for today, Sunday 8th June 2014.

In the card, I see the woman carrying a newspaper with what looks like a circled section. Like when you circle an interesting job advertising.
The symbols in the coins represent the basics in life: the red rose for love, the empty bowl for water (drinking water and basic hygiene?) the bread for food, the holy book for spirituality and then the "insert your own pillar of wealth" coin (= the empty one).

The lady is walking away from the comfort of her home because she has to, I see a very strong-willed woman, not a desperate one. The atmosphere in the card is serious, it carries some heavy issues yet I cannot see it as negatively as Deirdre describes it in the companion book: bad news, poverty thinking. On the opposite, the lady seems very strong and that's her wealth, she is not defeated. She might be facing a hard time but the cottage lies there in her mind and her journey in the storm and the dark makes sense to her. She has no choice, she has to be in the storm and yet her closed eyes, the hand on her chest, her bare foot show that she is really in touch with her inner self, the external conditions are not taking the upper hand on her. Maybe the newspaper (Deirdre talks about a book) in her hand means that she has a story to tell to the world, she is on a mission... How this connects to the materialism of Coins: abundance is not the answer to everything...?