Deirdre of the Sorrows - King of Coins


He certainly appears to be happy with life doesn’t he? A half smile on his face, relaxed posture, and an array of goodies on the table in front of him support the fact he does not seem to have too many worries for now.
Although the consort of the Queen, he does not feel the need to be as flashy, although we still have a reminder of his status and wealth in the form of his gold throne. Note however, the throne is not as ornate as the one supporting the Queen. In addition we may be led to believe that he does not show off his wealth in the form of fashionable clothing. Instead he chooses to eat and drink well. You just know the wine is not from the bargain bin at his local market – he will partake only in the finest there is to offer.

(As a quirky aside, facially he reminds you of Sean Connery a little, when he portrayed King Richard in the film “Robin Hood”)

So what can we make of the scene in general?
That gold disc he is holding on his lap is quite substantial, and would be rather heavy. The way he his holding it reminds me of how women in the late stages of pregnancy would gently hold their stomachs. Does this show he regards his fortune as his ‘baby’ – something he is proud of? Certainly if the status has been achieved through hard graft and wise investments through his adulthood, he would have every reason to be proud. There are a lot of smaller gold coins falling from him. Does this show he is not as careful with his money as the Queen was? Or does it show he does not see it as being the be all and end all, and does not pay obsessive attention to it? If the latter does apply, he certainly does not mind if he loses a few coins here and there – he had more than enough to start with.
Yet what can we make of the abacus? Does this show he is more shrewd than he is letting on? He may give the outward appearance of being somewhat blase, yet in his own mind he knows exactly what his incomings and outgoings are. Therefore it would not be wise to try and pull some sort of ruse or manipulate him where money is concerned. He has his finger on the pulse a lot more than you think. Besides which if something was attempted, you would not only have the King to deal with but also, his faithful terrier.

He will be generous in offering advise and support, particularly of a financial nature. The red rose does indicate if you are involved in a relationship with him, you will want for nothing. He will be as generous with his affections as he is with his money. Believe me, if he throws a party you will not have to suffer sausages on a stick and a record player struggling in a corner of a room – he will make sure everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest, and will spare no expense in doing so.